Reasons to Start Your Canadian Immigration Journey Today

Why Canada?

Are you thinking of relocating to another country? If you are seriously looking for great opportunities and a better life, consider immigration to Canada. Canada ranked as one of the top ten countries to live in. It is one if not the most peaceful countries in the world. Permanent residents and citizens in Canada receive free public health care. The high-quality education system in Canada is also available for immigrants.  In Canada, newcomers are much welcome. It is an immigrant-friendly country.

Published on November 17, 2021

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Canada has been attracting about 300,000 immigrants yearly from all over the world. It is the second-largest country in the world yet only has thirty-eight million people. Canada has plenty of room for immigrants and is open to skilled workers who can contribute to its economy. There are many job opportunities in Canada, and they are available to foreign workers. Canadian immigration goal is to welcome 411,000 immigrants in 2022 and 421,000 in 2023.

Indeed, migrating to Canada means having a brighter future. Take the first step now!

Canadian Immigration - Reasons to Start Today

⏳ Canadian immigration procedure takes months and even years.

The entire process takes up to eighteen months after your application is officially submitted. Many factors affect the immigration application processing time; it may be the particular visa you are applying for, which Canadian Immigration Visa Office is processing the application, etc. Without prior notice, these processing times can change. 

If good luck smiles at you, the Canadian immigration procedure can only take approximately 9-12 months. So, if you start the process today and meet all the qualifying requirements, you and your family could be living in Canada sometime next year.

woman making a heart sign with hands in Canada
There are plenty reasons why you should start your immigration to Canada as soon as possible!

⏱ You may need more time to work on passing the required score/mark.

For example, a minimum of 67 points for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is a requirement. However, you may be refused under the Skilled Worker category even if you score more than 67 points. Being refused is always possible. There are other requirements that you may not meet; they may be medical and criminal record checks. Hence, you should start your application process now; this way, you can have more time to work on your requirements and ensure you pass the score/mark.

🏥 Pass the Medical Requirements - apply while you are still healthy.

You may be healthy today but not any more tomorrow. Take advantage of your health condition today. There is no guarantee that you will still be healthy tomorrow.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Start your immigration application while your children are still qualified as your "Dependent Children".

Based on the Canadian immigration ruling, children under twenty-two years of age and who do not have a spouse during the application submission may qualify as your “dependent children”. You can take your dependent children with you, to Canada, without additional application. However, they must remain unmarried until they arrive in Canada to be considered “dependent children”. So, it is best to act now while they are still at their “qualified” age and still unmarried.

🏠 You need to be living in Canada for three years before you become a Canadian permanent resident.

Yes, you will have to live in Canada for three years before becoming a permanent resident, then that is the only time you can already apply for Canadian citizenship. When you become a permanent resident of Canada, you can sponsor a Canadian visa for your qualified family members. Hence, you must start applying today; your application time and qualifying years living in Canada are somehow long.

🇨🇦 Immigration under Canada Express Entry is booming - take advantage of it.

Immigration under Canada Express Entry has increased dramatically over the past years. With Express Entry immigration, you can gain permanent residence in six months or less! So, if you want to get permanent residency asap, you should take advantage of this while it is still there. The only thing constant here is change, so act now.

The Canadian Immigration Process- Step by Step

Step 1. Check if you are eligible for Canada.

It is the first thing to do in the Canadian immigration application process; check if you are eligible to Canada. Under Canada’s immigration law, you would only be allowed to come to Canada if you are eligible or qualified. Eligibility reasons include your health condition and many others.

Step 2. Look for a Canadian immigration program where you are qualified.

There are more than a hundred Canadian immigration programs. It makes this step of your immigration application very challenging. Every immigration program varies in terms of eligibility criteria, different application processes, and different document requirements. You must choose an immigration program that you qualify for. It is to ensure the highest chances of your successful immigration application.

Step 3. Collect your immigration documents.

Immigration documents are forms, certificates, and records. They are used to support your claims during Canada’s immigration application process. It means that a medical certificate should be in your application if you declare that you are in good health.

Step 4. Submit your biometrics at the nearest center.

Your Canada’s immigration application process includes paying and submitting your biometrics. Your fingerprints and photos compose your biometrics. After your payment (it is around $85), you will get a confirmation letter. The letter will also instruct you to submit your biometrics and provide you with where to go.

Step 1 of Your Canadian Immigration
Check your eligibility and prepare for your application
Step 2 of Your Canadian Immigration
Submit your application (or hire an agency to do it for you)
Step 3 of Your Canadian Immigration
Get ready for your new life in Canada

Immigration may seem challenging, but with the right tools your experience can be easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 5. Fill up government forms.

Yes, there are government forms that you need to fill up for your immigration program. You need to fill up these forms correctly. You do not want your application returned because of a typo error or some information missed. You bet; the Canadian government has quite strict rules.

You may get these forms from the Canadian federal government website. They are also available from provincial government websites. However, keep in mind that government websites are usually not user-friendly. You may find yourself lost in the middle of that difficult to browse government website.

The good news is there is. You may subscribe to a licensed Canadian immigration consultant’s service. It can take care of the paperwork for you; it ensures that your forms are done correctly to avoid rejection. We at Canada Citizenship Immigration Services (CanadaCIS), together with our immigration lawyers, can do it for you. And we are authorized by the Canadian government to do so.

Step 6. Submit your application to the correct department.

 It is time to submit your application. You should submit your Canadian immigration application to the correct department. Most of the applications should be submitted at case centers in Nova Scotia, Canada. You may mail or courier your application to the following addresses accordingly.

Immigration Program: Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) – Non-Express Entry applications
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1450 Sydney, NS B1P 6K5 Canada

Immigration Program: Start-Up Business Class
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8700 Sydney, NS B1P 0G2 Canada

Immigration Program: Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1500 Sydney, NS B1P 0J4, Canada

Immigration Program: Agri-Food Pilot
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8700 Sydney, NS B1P 0G2 Canada

Immigration Program: Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1500 Sydney, NS B1P 0J4, Canada

Immigration Program: Family Reunification
Mailing Address: CPC Sydney P.O. Box 9500 Sydney NS B1P 0H5

Step 7. Finally, it is time to wait for your Canadian immigration application result!

It is long but worth it. The process for your Canadian immigration application would usually take months. Hence, start your Canadian immigration journey today.

Changes in Canada’s open policy for immigrants may take place, and who knows when. Before you get caught by these maybe unfriendly changes, go get yourself in, start your application now.

Canada’s Immigration Process may not be as friendly anymore by the coming year, so the sooner you get yourself evaluated, the better. Start your journey today, take your first step on the pathway to living in Canada. START THE PROCESS NOW.

If you want professional guidance and advice, discuss your immigration options with our certified Canadian immigration consultant.

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