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In order to qualify for business immigration to Canada under the Self-employed Program, an applicant must demonstrate that they have the relevant artistic, athletic or agricultural experience that has allowed them to be self-employed while living in their country of origin.

The candidate must furthermore be able to make a reasonably significant contribution to one of these three fields through their relevant experience and skills in Canada in order to be successful in their application. The National Occupation Classification of Canada (NOC) contains a comprehensive list of all the career types that fall under these three categories. For the most part, there is no exception to this list.

Acceptable Career Types:
  • Painter
  • Dancer
  • Journalist
  • Writer
  • Musician
  • Designer
  • Athlete
  • Referee
  • Program Leader
  • Farm Owner
  • Farm Operations
Net Worth Isn't A Factor

One of the wonderful things about the Self-employed Program which sets it apart from an Entrepreneur’s Visa Program is that there is no net-worth requirement, which means that a candidate’s net worth doesn’t factor in the final decision. However, you must have sufficient funds for immigration purposes according to the standard visa procedure. This includes supporting any dependents (spouse or children) that you are intending to bring into the country with you.
Effectively you have the freedom to set up your business on your own terms, contributing to the Canadian economy in your own unique way without the pressure of a certain profit margin or corporate mindset.

Variety Of Possibilities

The Self Employed Program comes with plenty of different career options to choose from, meaning that even if you’re currently self employed in one field (example: photography), but you have adequate experience in other fields such as farming through a family-owned estate in your country of origin, you have more available options, and you can discuss with our representatives regarding which path would be a better option for your successful immigration.

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