Self-Employed Program Canada

If you are entering Canada through the Self-Employed Program, you must have relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics. You must also be ready and willing to contribute to Canada’s cultural or athletic life. The list of Career types is listed in the National Occupation Classification of Canada and is under two categories.

  • Painter
  • Dancer
  • Journalist
  • Writer
  • Musician
  • Designer

Required experience:

  1. Two years of being self-employed in cultural activity, OR
  2. Two years participating at a world-class level in cultural activities, OR
  3. Combination: one year for described in A and one year for described in B
  • Sports coach
  • Athlete
  • Referee
  • Program leaders

Required experience:

  1. Two years of being self-employed in athletics, OR
  2. Two years of participating at a world-class level in athletics, OR
  3. Combination: one year for described in A and one year for described in B

Do you qualify for the Self-Employed Program?

The Program uses the Points accumulation system based on the following criteria:

  • Work Experience – at least two years of experience in your field (points up to five years)
  • Education – relevant tertiary or skills qualification in your field
  • Age – ideally between the ages of 18 and 35
  • Language Skills – proficient in Canada’s official languages (basic, moderate, high)
  • Adaptability – how easy it would be to assimilate into Canadian society

Your age and spouse’s count too; younger candidates are highly preferred. The more years of work experience, the higher score you get. Athletic experience on a competition level also adds up to your score.

The language skill scoring would do well if you can speak both English and French. The adaptability score also counts a lot; you should succeed in Canada’s cultural immersion.

Self Employed Program
There are plenty of opportunities for the self-employed immigrant in Canada. Almost half of the working population are currently self-employed!
How to Apply to Self Employed Program
Immigrating for work in Canada as a self-employed person provides higher chances of choosing a career on your terms while still receiving Canada's working benefits.

How To Apply for the Self-Employed Program?

Business Program - Canada CIS
Business Program - Canada CIS

You will need a business visa, and there are various options for this. The most popular is the federal business program. You may also opt for the Start-up Visa and various provincial entrepreneur Visas. You can also apply for a business visitor visa if you only plan to come to Canada for six months or less. 

You should also undergo business registration first before running your business in Canada. It will depend on the province and the type of business you would choose, whether sole proprietorship, partnership, or incorporation. 

The Self-Employed Program comes with various flexibilities. You may be presently self-employed in a field such as photography but have enough experience in farming; it will open other available options for you. The best way to determine your possibilities under this program is to discuss with our Expert Canadian Immigration Consultants. TALK TO US NOW!