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Investor Class, Entrepreneur and Start-Up Visa Program

A Successful Strategy for any type of business

Canada encourages entrepreneurs and business owners to immigrate and set up their business in Canada. Having excellent resources and a business-friendly environment, Canada strongly encourages those with an entrepreneurial spirit, who can help grow the economy as well as create employment.

Coming to Canada can be exciting as well as challenging. The Government of Canada and some of the Canadian Provinces have created several programs to help promote business immigration.

Canadian Business Immigration Programs aim to create new opportunities in local markets, by welcoming those who have the skill and experience to help grow it. These programs and visas are designed to help promote and develop Canada’s economy by attracting entrepreneurs, the self-employed, businesspersons and investors who are not yet Canadian citizens.

Currently there are four Business Immigration Programs available:

Self-Employed Program

This program is for people who are capable of creating their own employment by contributing athletically, culturally or artistically to Canada’s employment market. People with sufficient funds and relevant work experience can apply for the Self-Employed Program.

Investor Visa

Depending on which Investor Visa candidates apply for they may stand the chance to gain permanent residence for both themselves and their families by investing in Canada’s economy, thus contributing to Canada’s economic growth and development. 

Entrepreneur Visa

Entrepreneur programs such as the Québec Immigrant Entrepreneurial Program provide immigrants the opportunity to take advantage of Canada’s growing economic power, and possibly gain permanent residence in Canada, along with their family.

Business Visitor Visa

This visa is for business persons who intend to stay in Canada temporarily in order to engage in international business markets by growing, investing or creating business connections. It is designed for potential candidates who do not intend to impact directly on the Canadian job market.

Eligibility requirements:

Each of these programs comes with different requirements based on the immigration stream you choose to file your application under. However, they are all based on similar factors:

  • Net worth or Assets of the applicant
  • Type and Length of Business Ownership or Management Experience
  • Intention and ability to invest a certain amount of money as per the specific guidelines
  • Other relevant factors

To learn more about Canada's Business Programs please visit our Provincial Nominee Programs pages.

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We will facilitate completion of any and all visa formalities under the selected Entrepreneur Program.

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