Canada Immigration FAQ

Generally, if you are under 30 years old, yes. Additionally, you should at least be able to demonstrate moderate to high English and/or French language proficiency (Canadian Language Benchmark [CLB] level nine or higher). And have at least three years of skilled work experience.

You do not need to hire a consultant to represent you with your immigration application. However, you can get professional assistance if you prefer to do so. Just make sure that you get the right one. Hiring a qualified and authorized Canadian immigration consultant will save you from the most complicated areas of the immigration process, making it smooth, quick, and ensuring your immigration success.

Canada Citizenship Immigration Services is a privately-owned company, and we do not represent the Canadian government. We do, however, retain RCICs and lawyers who are registered with the Canadian government. RCICs are the only people who can legally submit immigration applications to the Canadian immigration office. It ensures that we are strictly following Canadian immigration policies and guidelines.

Your relatives who are 18 years old and above and are Canadian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor you in getting a Canadian permanent residency.

There is no maximum age set for you to be eligible to immigrate to Canada. However, applicants between 25-35 of age get the maximum points. Nonetheless, that does not mean that older applicants don’t get selected.

One of the easiest routes to immigrate to Canada is through Canada’s Express Entry. It is actually the fastest and most popular Canadian immigration program.

If you are a single applicant, the usual amount that you need to prepare for your Canada immigration process would be approximately CAD15,420. It already includes proof of funds, government fees, and other expenses. A “couple” applicant would need to prepare an approximate CAD 20,000.

The duration of the process depends on many different factors, the immigration program that is selected often states the rules. For example – Express Entry PR applicants usually complete the process in around 6-9 months. The candidate’s participation and dedication to the process is also one big factor that affects the application timescale; how long it takes for you to provide the documentation required from your end.

Yes, all Canada Immigration programs include a mandatory requirement for the applicant to take either the IELTS (English) or the TEF (French) language exams. Otherwise, you will not be eligible. Canada Citizenship Immigration Services offers an online language course focusing on the exam you need to pass for your eligibility.

You can include your spouse or partner and any dependent children in your application. Children must be under the age of 21 years who are not married. You cannot include your children’s spouse or partner in your immigration file; they require a separate application. Your children over 21, parents, and adult siblings; will need a separate immigration application too.

The average salary in Canada in 2021 was $65,773.18 per year; it is for full-time employees. The salary trend is positive, meaning it keeps growing.

Yes, you can get a job in Canada without a PR status. The work permit system of Canada enables foreign workers to process several jobs throughout the country. There are over 400,000 foreign workers who have successfully secured a Canadian work permit since 2019.

Generally, immigrating to Canada is not hard. It is because Canada is very welcoming to immigrants. With all Canada’s immigration pathways, there are many ways to qualify for one immigration stream.

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