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Do I need to hire a consultant to represent me?

It is not necessary to hire a consultant to assist you with your immigration application. However, should you wish to retain professional assistance, selecting an authorized immigration representative is imperative. It is useful to hire a qualified immigration consultant for three reasons:

First – immigration is one of the most complicated areas of Canadian law.

Second – Canadian immigration law is changing all the time and it is hard to keep up – even for many immigration professionals.

Third – an experienced authorized representative can help make sure that your application goes through immigration bureaucracy smoothly and quickly.


Is Canada Citizenship Immigration Services a division of the government?

Canada Citizenship Immigration Services is a privately-owned company and we do not represent the Canadian government. We do, however, retain RCICs and lawyers who are registered with the government. RCICs are the only people who can legally submit immigration applications through to the immigration office. This ensures that we are strictly following Canadian immigration policies and guidelines.


How long does the process take to complete?

The duration of the process depends on many different factors. Firstly, the immigration program that is selected often states the rules. For example – Express Entry PR applicants are usually completing the process in around 6-9 months, whereas many other applicants for PRs will be required to wait for 1-2 years.
For temporary visas/permits there are shorter application processes which will be outlined to you after your initial consultation. Also, a big factor in the timescale for applications is the candidate’s participation and dedication to the process; It is how long it takes for you to provide the documentation required from your end.


Can you guarantee my visa/permit will be approved?

We do not guarantee visas or permits. This is an application process which is finalized with the decision of the Canadian government, therefore nobody can offer a guarantee that your application will be successful.
However, we do guarantee that by having professional guidance from our experts and by working through our process of application with our RCICs, you are giving yourself the best possible chance of reaching a successful conclusion.


What is the total cost for your service?

Canada Citizenship Immigration Services offers a variety of services to meet the different needs of each client. Therefore, the total cost for every applicant will vary based on the individual needs of each client and the specific requirements of each case. We will recommend the most suitable services for you based on a consultation at the start of the process. Feel free to read about our services and our rates on our Services page before discussing with your personal agent.


Is it required to take a language test for the application?

All Canada Immigration programs include a mandatory requirement for the main applicant to take either the IELTS (English) or the TEF (French) language exams, and to provide the certificate as part of the immigration profile. Without this document the candidate will not be found eligible. It is not required for the spouse/partner of the main client to take a language test, but it is recommended as a way of improving the strength of the application.

Canada Citizenship Immigration Services offers an online language course with a focus on the exam you will need to pass for your eligibility.


Who can I include in my application for an Immigrant Visa?

Your spouse/partner and any dependent children may be included in the application. Children must be under the age of 21 years who are not married. Your children’s spouse or partner are not included in your immigration file, they will require a separate application.

Children over 21, your adult parents and siblings will require a separate immigration application as well.

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