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Study in Canada for International Students

Canada is considered the world’s most educated country in the world. It ranked as having some of the leading educational institutions worldwide, three of which have made the world’s top 100 universities list. It helps you make a mark in the professional sector if you have a Canadian educational background. It is regardless of wherever you may choose to work in the globe. And an opportunity to study in Canada for international students is available.

Canada highly values talented individuals. The Canadian government aims to help talented international students to stay and get work experience in Canada: which can lead to a Canadian permanent residency. The country has become a popular option for students who seek and require a less expensive way to study internationally. Canadian universities are more affordable yet have equally prestigious degrees at par with those in the US. So, are you interested in studying in Canada? Then read on to find more information about studying in Canada as an international student.

International Students: Study in Canada
Studying in Canada comes with many benefits such as gaining work experience before and after you graduate!
Study in Canada for International Students
By choosing to Study in Canada as an international student, you're giving yourself the gift of quality education!

Study in Canada Requirements

  • Enroll in a DLI learning institution (a learning institution designated by its province to enroll foreign nationals). A DLI school acceptance letter will be required. 
  • Provide proof of sufficient funds for tuition, living expenses for you and any family members joining you in Canada, and return transport for you and any family members who join you. 
  • No criminal record. In some cases, a police certificate may be a requirement.
  • Be in good health. In some cases, a medical exam will be a requirement.
  • Provide proof of intent to leave Canada before the expiration date on your study permit.

For foreign nationals to study in Canada, a study permit is required. Take note that a study permit is not a visa. With the study permit, you will still need a visa allowing you entry into Canada and have an extended stay. 

Most people who wish to study in Canada opt for a visitor visa with their study permit, as its requirements are easier to fulfill and the fees are lower. The visitor visa lets you enter and stay in Canada for six consecutive months. If your study period is longer, you can get another visitor visa to extend your stay.

You must apply for a study permit before leaving for Canada. Once your study permit is approved, you can use it in your application for a visitor visa. You can travel outside of Canada during your study permit validity, but make sure to provide proof of your school enrollment upon your return to Canada. 

Cases when a study permit is not required:

  • For programs that last up to 6 months or less only
  • For a child living in Canada with a parent who has a work permit or a study permit 

You may want to get a study permit, even if you do not need one, to be able to work during your study period: or in case you will require an extended stay to continue your study in Canada for international students.

Unlike other visas and permits, this one has a specific purpose: education. Hence, this visa comes with specific responsibilities which you are held up to while you study in Canada as an international student: 

  • Make progress towards completing your study program.
  • Do not disrespect the conditions listed on your study permit.
  • Stop studying if you no longer meet the requirements.
  • Leave Canada by the time your permit expires.
  • Specific conditions in your study permit:

– Whether you’re allowed to work in Canada.

– Whether you’re allowed to travel within Canada.

– The date you must stop studying.

These conditions mentioned above are not always in a study permit but may appear in some cases.

A study permit is usually valid for the duration of your study program plus an extra 90 days. The purpose of the extra time is to allow you to prepare to leave Canada after you have completed your program or – should you need to – apply for an extended stay. If you finish your studies early, your permit will stop being valid 90 days after your studies completion, no matter what expiry date is on the study permit.

In the case of prerequisite courses:

If your school requires you to take courses before they accept you into the main program, your study permit will be valid for the length of those courses plus one year. Once you get accepted into the main program, you will need to apply for an extended stay as a student.

In case your program ends after your study permit expires:

If your courses finish after the expiration date on your permit, you will need to apply for an extended stay as a student. Otherwise, you will be forced to stop studying and leave Canada.

Study in Canada Cost

Cost to Incur in Studying in Canada
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The cost of studying in Canada depends on factors like the study program you are opting for, if you are studying at an undergraduate or postgraduate level, and if you require on-campus accommodation. There are many other factors to consider: such as transportation, utilities, and taxes, which affect the overall cost of studying in Canada, aside from the academic costs.

According to Statistics Canada, the average tuition fees for undergraduate international students from 2019 to 2020 are CAD29714 a year. For High Schools, fees for international students can range from approximately CAD8,000 to CAD 14,000 per year.

Advantages of Studying in Canada

Benefits of Studying in Canada for International Students
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The following are just a few advantages of studying in Canada for international students.

The Tuition fees in Canadian universities are affordable compared to other prominent universities from other countries, even those in the US.

Canadian schools have an excellent reputation for providing a world-class education to students globally. 

A student in Canada gets the benefit of a comfortable and quality living, aside from getting the latest and upgraded version of education in the world.

International students pursuing education in Canada get the chance of better career opportunities exposure. They can prosper a good career anywhere in the world.

To study in Canada for international students is a dream come true. Canada’s world-class education system makes it a sought-after destination for students worldwide. If you have further inquiries, we at CanadaCIS are more than willing to help you. Feel free to contact us, and we can discuss every detail you want to know and discuss better options for you.