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Quebec is the largest province in Canada, located in the eastern part of the country, with French as the most spoken language. Although Quebec people mainly speak French, many people still speak English, especially the hospitality industry workers. This province is a heritage influenced by different nations, including French and British. 

Quebec City is the capital of Quebec province and is one of the lowest crime-rated cities making it a very safe place in North America. Quebec province also prides to have an excellent education system and a stable economy. Its unemployment rate was 7.2% in 2016, or just below the national average, with the health care and social assistance, retail, and manufacturing industries as the main sectors employing the most people in Quebec up to now.

Immigration to Quebec

Quebec has an independent immigration program with selection criteria different from the federal and other provincial immigration programs. The selection administration of candidates is by the Quebec Ministry of Immigration (MIDI); applicants must undergo a two-step immigration process:

  •  Go through the selection process by the Ministère de l’immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI), Quebec’s immigration authority. Once selected, the applicant will receive a Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ), an official document by the Quebec immigration certifying the selection of a candidate for immigration. It is not a visa but merely a selection certificate, so you cannot use it to enter Canada

  • Once the applicant receives a CSQ, he should file his permanent residence application with the IRCC. The CSQ validity is twenty-four months from the issuance date. Submission to IRCC may require police certificates and medical exams when requested.

Quebec Selection Certificate 

The Quebec selection process looks at various factors using a point system basis. The candidate is placed on a grid, depending on their accrual of points.  Married candidates’ spouses are also going through the assessment process. Quebec’s immigration believes that their set criteria determine each candidate’s potential for successful integration in Quebec.

Quebec Skilled Workers Canada
Working in Quebec has plenty of advantages such as, an immigrant-friendly and quality workforce.
Quebec Immigration to Canada
When you're not working, the province of Quebec has hundreds of unique natural and historical attractions for you to discover!

You can immigrate and settle in Quebec under any of the following streams:

If you wish to immigrate to Quebec for permanent work, you can apply under this stream through the Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP). You should send your interest in immigrating to Québec for work, and if your profile matches the criteria, you will receive an invitation to apply for permanent selection. If you have the desirable training and professional skills; and the potential for a successful job integration in Québec, you can be selected.

If you desire to immigrate and settle in Quebec as a business person, there are six steps to undergo under this stream.

If you are migrating to Quebec as a Temporary Worker, you should undergo the seven-step process. Most of the time, the employer initiates the process. You can eventually apply for permanent residency if you wish to.

You may visit the Quebec official website regarding all the procedures, migrating through studying in Quebec.

Currently, the Quebec Ministère measures on getting immigrants under this stream are in place to protect the province from the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Although, the usual processing times for the family reunification improvement plan have been implemented since June 2020 to reduce processing delays. You may visit the Quebec official website for details since it is regularly updated.

In the spirit of international solidarity, Québec fully supports the objectives of protecting refugees. The province gives importance to Humanitarian immigration. If you are a refugee interested in applying for permanent residency in Quebec, you may visit the site and select the correct section for you.

Work in Quebec

Working in Quebec
Working in Quebec

Aside from Montréal, Québec offers sixteen regions to settle, with the same level of excellent job opportunities in various industries. The province has a healthy economy with a low unemployment rate and an excellent work environment; this is true in Quebec City and the surrounding regions.

Some jobs may require fluency in English on top of the ability to speak in French, especially for work and immigration to Montreal, so get ready for it. Additionally, you have to know more about Quebec employers’ expectations so that you can properly file your application accordingly.

Study in Quebec

Study in Quebec
Study in Quebec

Quebec high-quality education with a wide range of programs, housing 3 000 university programs which include masters and doctoral levels are awaiting international students in this province. Quebec is home to more than seven hundred prestigious universities. There are also vocational training schools equipped with high technology offering more than a hundred fifty programs to choose from. Whichever study path you choose, your studies will get worldwide recognition, paving great chances to the job market.

Quebec provides access to education with low tuition fees. The cost of living is also an aid to afford schooling for international students. Student life in Quebec is stimulating, with a very welcoming atmosphere for immigrants.

If you consider Quebec as your choice to live permanently, you should take time to evaluate everything before starting your immigration process, as with any other place to move to. Taxes in Quebec is high in exchange for the high quality of living available to its residents. Well, the average cost of a home in Montreal is $327,000, which is relatively affordable. Surely, Pros and cons are there for you to consider if you want to consider moving to Quebec.