Moving to Manitoba

Manitoba, a province of Canada, is at the center of the country and the fifth-most populous province in the whole of Canada. It is called the “Land of 100,000 Lakes” and has a diversified economy; manufacturing, agriculture, hydroelectricity, and mining. Since the economy of Manitoba is mainly dependent on natural resources, agriculture is its main economic driver.

Manitoba’s closely-knit farming communities, stable labor market, and scenic landscape attract many immigrants. The Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program (Manitoba PNP) is the gateway for the majority who immigrate to Manitoba.

Immigration through Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Immigrants with the skills and experience the province is looking for can receive a Manitoba Provincial Nomination Certificate through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). The certificate speeds up the immigration process significantly.

Manitoba’s immigration system is based on the province’s economic needs through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) candidate selection process. There are four categories wherein applications can be submitted.

Applications may be submitted under one of the following four categories:

  • Skilled Worker in Manitoba
  • Skilled Worker Overseas
  • International Education
  • Business Investor
Immigration to Manitoba
Manitoba has one of the strongest economy in the Canada.
Beautiful Natural Attraction in Manitoba
There are plenty of natural attractions to discover!

The MPNP accepts applications under one of the following four categories:

In this category, candidates are chosen based on the specific needs of Manitoba employers. It selects trained workers with the required skills and nominates them for Canada permanent residence. In this category, candidates with a strong affiliation to Manitoba are preferred. Find out more about this category.

In this category, there are two pathways; a dedicated Canada Express Entry Pathway and a direct provincial pathway. It targets international skilled workers with skills and training to fill up the in-demand occupations in Manitoba. Those applicants and spouses with close family connections and with language proficiency are given priority. Applicants should also have the training and experience to find jobs quickly. Check the complete details about this category.

This category focuses on international graduates from Manitoba colleges and universities. In this stream, six months of work experience in his field is not required anymore from the candidate; before applying for an MPNP nomination. There are three pathways in this category:

  1. a) Career Employment Pathway
  2. b) Graduate Internship Pathway
  3. c) Student Entrepreneur Pathway

Check here for more details about this category.

Qualified international business investors and entrepreneurs are the targets in this category. A qualified candidate is given a temporary work permit; he must have the intent and ability to start or purchase a business in Manitoba within two years of arrival. Pathways in this category are:

  • The Entrepreneur Pathway 
  • The Farm Investor Pathway 

For more details, visit the Manitoba website specific to this category.

Work in Manitoba

Work in Manitoba
Work in Manitoba

In Manitoba, skilled workers and professionals are in high demand. Its government anticipates a labor shortage in the coming years; thus, the employment rate is expected to grow. The expected labor shortage in the upcoming years is the reason why Manitoba became the first Canadian province to establish its ongoing immigration program – the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). 

A recent survey said that 85% of Manitoba nominees got a job within three months after arrival; 76% became homeowners within five years, and 95 % of families settled permanently in the community. The consistently strong and stable economy of Manitoba contributed to the success of the MPNP program.

Find out more about working conditions in Manitoba.

Study in Manitoba

Study in manitoba
Study in manitoba

Manitoba houses a world-class education system with leading-edge facilities together with its high standard of living that costs less than other major cities in Canada. Manitoba’s internationally recognized education system is composed of quality institutions and first-rate educators. Find out more about studying in Manitoba.

Determine which factors are essential for you and your family when moving to another place. Manitoba is a desirable place to settle with your family; consider it as one Canadian province to move to.