Best Pathways For Your Immigration to Canada from Cyprus

You must be very excited about your process of immigration to Canada from Cyprus. After all, Canada is well-known for its friendliness and natural beauty. As the number of citizens rises, so does the number of fresh immigrants they accept. Canada is eager to welcome newcomers, which makes immigration an essential part of Canada’s economic growth.

As a result, Canada has made several programs to choose from for Cypriots like you. It will help you know the most convenient and suitable way to start your application. So read on and find out your options to begin your immigration to Canada from Cyprus.

Published on April 29, 2022

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Requirements to Immigrate to Canada from Cyprus

Like everyone else, you have to do a cost analysis before considering making a move. It’s the same when you plan on immigrating to Canada from Cyprus: you must be aware of the requirements. Here are some of the following conditions that you must meet to come to Canada:

  • A clean bill of health
  • A college degree or higher
  • Ability to speak either English or French
  • Innocent of any crime.
  • Valid passport
  • Work Experience
Immigration from Cyprus to Canada
It's best to double check if you have all the requirements needed to immigrate to Canada!

What is the Most Convenient Way to Immigrate to Canada?

Express Entry is one of Canada’s most popular and quickest immigration programs. Certain applicants can be eligible for permanent residency in as little as six months. 

Canada utilizes the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to determine your eligibility to receive an Invitation To Apply (ITA). Canada’s government sends ITA for permanent residency to the top-ranked individuals in the Express Entry pool. You must be qualified for one of Canada’s three federal streams listed below before submitting an Express Entry profile and starting your process of immigration to Canada from Cyprus.

Three Federal Streams:

This program is for skilled people who seek to live and work in Canada. FSWP candidates must satisfy specific minimum criteria in terms of years of experience, education, age, and English/French language competency to be eligible for the program.

  • Work experience of 10 years or more in full-time or part-time jobs.
  • NOC Skill Level 0, A, or B experience.
  • Learning a Second Language
  • Pass a CLB 7 English or French language test.
  • A Canadian high school diploma or international equivalent
  • Proof of money to immigrate and settle in Canada

This program is open to skilled tradespeople qualified to live and work in Canada and possess the necessary qualifications. For you to apply to the FSTP, you must have:

  • Experience in a skilled profession for two years or more in the last five years
  • A valid 12-month full-time work offer or a Canadian provincial or territorial certification.
  • You must pass a language exam in English or French at CLB level 4 or above.

If you have recently worked in Canada and are pursuing immigration to Canada from Cyprus, you can apply for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Additionally, CEC is also one of the quickest ways to become a permanent resident of Canada, with processing times of three to four months.

To be eligible for CEC, you must have:

  • Worked in a skilled job for a minimum of 12 months full-time or equivalent part-time in Canada.
  • Experience in Canada must be less than three years old.

Other Process of Immigration from Cyprus to Canada

Many individuals are only familiar with the Express Entry program. However, other methods of immigration are also available. 

You can move to Canada as an international student, a skilled professional, a skilled foreign worker, or be sponsored by one of your family members who is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. So here are some other ways to start your immigration to Canada from Cyprus.

Immigration from Cyprus to Canada
There are two pathways available for immigration to Canada from Cyprus.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

Out of Canada’s 13 states and provinces, 11 have their own Provincial Nominee Programs, each connected to the Express Entry channels. That indicates their runtime is around six months. This scheme likewise has more traditional drawings than the Express Entry method.

However, one of the provinces is much beyond the others in immigration initiatives. It is how the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program works. Its visa processing can be as fast as two to three months. One of the reasons is that the BC PNP has its own website, which others do not have. 

Atlantic Immigration Program

This program offers a gateway to permanent residency for talented foreign employees and international graduates from a Canadian university. If you desire to work and live in one of Canada’s four Atlantic provinces listed below, this is for you. 

  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Newfoundland and Labrador

Unlike other streams, this won’t require any work from any company to qualify for immigration, meaning it’s not a job-driven initiative. In fact, these are the three streams under which you may come to Canada from Cyprus:

  • Atlantic high-skilled program
  • Atlantic Intermediate-skilled program
  • Atlantic International Graduate program

There is an increasing demand for Cypriots to start their immigration to Canada from Cyprus. It does not imply Cyprus is a backward nation. Instead, the economy of Canada delivers enticing values that help individuals live the lives they really want.

There are also other reasons why Cypriots choose to move to Canada, including improving their own lives and their families’ lives, achieving a better work-life balance, or just avoiding the commotion of city life. Many immigration options are available to you in Canada. Depending on your abilities and expertise, you may just have found the best program!

Our best advice for you is to get professional assistance and do not leave any chances on your success of immigrating to Canada. Fill up the Consultation Form below to get assistance from an immigration expert team right from the start!

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