10 Common Canada Immigration Mistakes to Avoid

Was your Canadian immigration application rejected, or are you scared that it will be? Many rejected immigration applications happen because of an applicant’s wrong understanding of the application process. These Canada immigration mistakes happen a lot. Do not compromise your chances of getting your application approved; watch out for these mistakes and avoid them. 

These mistakes can be submitting wrong or lacking application requirements, the wrong submission, not preparing enough for the process, etc. We have covered most of them in this article.  Check on the following list of mistakes and tips on avoiding them.

Published on December 20, 2021

Table of Contents

Mistake 1: Applying for a wrong Visa or Permit.

Applying for a wrong visa or permit is a sure route to get your Canadian immigration application denial. For example, you are applying for a Permanent Work Visa, but you do not have the required skills suited to any of the programs under this visa type; your chance of getting your application approved is limited or nothing at all.

Depending on the visa type you’re applying for, the requirements may differ; hence you must apply for the correct visa type. Check the needed qualifications and requirements for different visa types before deciding and starting your Canadian immigration application process. Make sure to apply for the right type of visa to get a better chance of getting an approved application.

Wrong Visa or Permit
Always check if you're applying for the right Canadian visa and permit.

Mistake 2: Taking the IELTS exam without enough preparation.

Not giving enough preparation for your IELTS exam could mean jeopardizing your Canadian immigration application. You did not familiarize yourself with the IELTS type of questions, its timing, and the atmosphere of the exam itself, therefore, losing a lot of marks. Regardless of whether you are fluent in the English language, the actual exam atmosphere is different; your fluency in English will not guarantee a passing score.

Avoid this mistake and ensure you don’t put yourself in a possibility of not getting approved of your immigration application because of this. For a successful IELTS exam preparation, do frequent pauses to give yourself time to absorb whatever you are reviewing. Additionally, prepare ahead of time and schedule your exam to have plenty of time to study to achieve your ideal IELTS score.

Mistake 3. Not Double-checking the Small Details

The mistake can be that your immigration application form contains information that doesn’t match your passport information or other documents. It can confuse the processing agent, delay, and worst – your application is rejected. You may also have missed filling out certain parts of the application.

Doing a full review of all of your forms and documents at least once before submitting them is highly recommended to avoid this mistake. Ensure all information is consistent across all documents with no gaps in the information or documents you’ve provided. Also, double-check if you have provided all of the forms and documents, all completed.

Man and woman double checking their immigration application
Do not submit your application with wrong information!

Mistake 4. Illegible Handwriting on Immigration Application Forms

Some individuals may choose to complete the forms by hand, which is never advisable. Hand-written forms may not be legible to the visa officer reviewing the file resulting in a returned application if the visa officer is unsure about the answers provided to questions in the forms. Additionally, hand-written forms cannot be verified and require a tedious transfer of information, delaying the processing of the file promptly.

It is advisable to complete all application forms online using free programs such as Adobe Reader to avoid this mistake. The Adobe Reader is verifiable, creating a series of barcodes that IRCC can quickly enter into its computer systems. Additionally, using a computer to complete your immigration application forms allows you to save them to your hard drive, keeping them at hand in case you need them in the future.

Mistake 5. Submitting Incorrect Photo Sizes

Your immigration application includes instructions on the specification of photo sizes that you need to submit. If you did not provide the correct photo requirements, your application would be returned to you or get rejected. For example, if the photo requirement is whole body and you submitted a half body, the immigration will return or reject your application.

Photos must be a certain size to fit on forms that IRCC requires, such as medical forms for permanent resident applications and as part of your visa documents. Therefore, you should submit the correct specific photo requirements.

Photo size requirements for immigration
Make sure to check the IRCC requirements for the photo size needed for your application.

Mistake 6. Paying the Canada Immigration Process Fees Incorrectly

There are different methods of payment for every immigration stream. For example, payment by bank draft to the foreign visa office for your Right of Permanent Residence fee will likely be returned to you and delay your application. The correct way to pay this fee is via online payment directly to the Canadian immigration office.

Many visa offices will accept your immigration processing fees in your local currency. But you must check the specific website for that office to determine the amount in local currency – do not simply use the current exchange rate – it won’t be the same. An incorrectly paid fee will delay your application or have it returned to you, so ensure to pay the correct amount.

Mistake 7. Sending your application to a wrong address

You may have misunderstood or not know the correct address to send your application. Committing a mistake by sending your application to the wrong address costs you money and time and may result in application rejection.

If the IRCC asked you to mail your visa application to a specific office for processing, you should always use the registered mail or a courier service. This way, you can track the status of your visa application and have proof that it has reached the correct destination.

person submitting their immigration application through mail
Always double-check the correct address before sending your application.

Mistake 8. Waiting too long for your background checks before filing your application

You are waiting for your criminal background checks result before filing your application. It is another mistake that will result in application rejection; and cost you a lot of time, effort, and money.

A prior criminal record check is required only for a Criminal Rehabilitation or Temporary Resident Permit. Otherwise, you can go ahead process your visa application and then start with these formalities as needed.

Mistake 9. Getting help from an unregulated Canada immigration Consultants or agency

Hiring a representative to help you with your application may give you the best chance of success. Unfortunately, you may fall trapped in getting cheap help in your desperation for it. Many fraudulent companies will also overcharge you for what they claim is a “guaranteed” visa.

Do not deal with any unauthorized representatives. If you decide to hire Canadian immigration consultants, do not hesitate to ask for their professional credentials. An immigration consultant should be authorized by the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulation Council).

Stressed Canada immigration applicant looking at laptop
Make sure you're spending your time, money, and effort on reliable and regulated immigration consultants.

Mistake 10. Falsification

Misrepresentation is one if not the most severe immigration offenses. The probability of getting your application rejected is almost without doubt and you may even be completely barred from applying for Canadian immigration.

To avoid this mistake, be honest about the details of your application during the process. Declare your details honestly, such as your career history and any medical or criminality issues you had in the past. If you are unsure how to complete your application and what is worth mentioning, you can hire an authorized Canada immigration expert. 

How Can Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants Help You Avoid These Mistakes?​

Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) play a crucial role in helping individuals navigate the complex process of immigration to Canada. Here’s how they can assist you in avoiding mistakes:

  • Knowledge and Expertise:

    • RCICs are trained and registered professionals with in-depth knowledge of Canadian immigration laws, regulations, and procedures.
    • They stay up-to-date with changes in immigration policies and guidelines, ensuring that your application aligns with the latest requirements.
  • Personalized Advice:
    • RCICs assess your individual situation and provide personalized advice based on your qualifications, work experience, and other relevant factors.
  • Application Preparation:
    • RCICs assist in preparing and organizing your application, ensuring that all required documents are complete, accurate, and submitted on time.
    • They help you navigate the paperwork, reducing the likelihood of errors or omissions that could lead to delays or rejections.
  • Avoiding Common Pitfalls:
    • RCICs are familiar with common mistakes made by applicants and can help you avoid these pitfalls.
    • They provide guidance on meeting specific criteria and addressing potential red flags in your application.

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