CanadaCIS Immigration:
All You Need to Know

Abbreviation CIS might have many meanings, one of which we are using in our company name.

CanadaCIS is an international immigration consultancy agency, specialized in immigration to Canada.

We assist clients from all over the world throughout the whole immigration process: from the initial registration to the final submission of their application.

Our team is composed of experienced immigration consultants (RCICs), job search consultants, lawyers and other professionals that can provide you with all immigration-related services. 

Canada CIS meaning 

In our case, CIS stands for:

  • Citizenship
  • Immigration
  • Services
Published on February 18, 2024

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Is a legit site for Canadian citizenship immigration?

Yes, we are a registered and legitimate immigration organization with years of experience in the Canadian immigration field.

We carefully select our legal team members and partners, ensuring that all of them are highly qualified and professional.

Our team is ready to handle different immigration cases and find a personalized solution for every client.

Can I trust CIS Canada or is it a scam?

It’s okay to have doubts and ask questions, especially when choosing an online service provider for such an important life decision as immigration. 

We are here to answer all of your questions and ensure you: yes, you can trust our expert team.

We are a service-oriented company, fully focused on the needs of our clients, and we strive for providing the full range of services from A to Z. 

That’s why we partner with the best recruitment and job search consultants, language courses and education professionals – this way our clients can get everything they need for a successful immigration and settlement in Canada.  

Reviews of our satisfied clients point out the following reasons to trust our immigration consultants:

We work with license holders, specialized in Canadian immigration laws and would never collaborate with unregistered consultants. Click to learn more about CanadaCIS legal department. 

Throughout the whole process, you’ll be in constant contact with your personal immigration advisor, who will answer any questions and provide you with all necessary information.

After registering with CanadaCIS, you’ll get access to an advanced online immigration system, where you will easily manage your application, upload documents and communicate with our experts. 

The system is developed by high-class professionals and is an example of a highly reliable technology.

Together with the advanced online technology comes its main benefit – accessibility all over the world at all times. 

You can manage your application from anywhere and at any convenient time. 

According to reviews, our clients love the freedom and convenience that our service provides!

Is CanadaCIS connected to the government?

No, we are a private company with no affiliation to the Canadian government.

We do work alongside the government and closely follow all of its directives regarding immigration policies and procedures. 

Same as any other immigration consultancy agency, we have no direct influence on the decisions and actions of the government.

Canadian Flag by Canada CIS
We are not affiliated with the Canadian government and have no influence in its decisions.

Please note: no immigration agency can give you 100% guarantees on your visa acceptance, as the decision is taken solely by the Canadian immigration authorities.

Do you need help immigrating to Canada?

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How can you tell a fake immigration consultant?
How do I know if my immigration agency is legit?

Those are very good and important questions!

Unfortunately, there are many untruthful people in our field. 

Online services come with certain risks, and it’s very important to choose the right professionals who you can trust. 

Here are some NO-NOs of immigration consultants. 

Never trust your Canadian immigration to someone who:

❌ Doesn’t have a license

❌ Doesn’t answer your questions and avoids honest communication

❌ Doesn’t inform you about all steps of the immigration process

❌ Doesn’t pay attention to your individual case, but sells you a standard service instead

❌ Doesn’t have a professionally-looking and updated website

❌ Doesn’t provide you with contact information (email, phone, address)

How can I tell if an immigration website is a scam?

Another great question. 

Website is a face of every company, and it’s very important to carefully study and evaluate the website before making a decision.

So, what should you look at, when you land on a website of an immigration agency? 

Do immigration consultants make money?

RCIC: Regulated Consultant
RCIC is an immigration consultant, regulated by the Canadian government.

As every professional, immigration consultants charge money for their services. 

Similarly as you pay to your dentist, hairdresser or fitness trainer, you are expected to pay your immigration consultant for the assistance he or she provides to you.

Becoming an RCIC takes a lot of time and effort, as you need to study and practice a lot, in order to receive a license.

We are confident that all our RCIC partners are highly skilled and qualified, and it’s fair to pay them for their high quality service.

How much does your service cost?

The total cost of the whole immigration process greatly depends on your personal case. 

It might vary between 5000 and 12000 euro, based on the immigration program and extra services of your choice. 

From the first sight, the prices might seem high, but keep in mind the benefit you’re getting for this amount. 

Paying for professional immigration consultancy means getting: 

All necessary information about the immigration process
Eligibility assessment done by RCICs
Help in choosing the right immigration program among 80+ options
Support in all steps of the immigration process
Verification that your application is prepared correctly
Professional guidance
from A to Z
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Scared to choose a fake/fraudulent immigration agency?

Don’t worry! 

If you stay calm and focused, you can easily evaluate the reliability and trustworthiness of the immigration agency of your choice.

Remember to check the website, read terms and conditions, look for information about the company and their legal team. 

Also, consider signing up for a consultation and talking to a company representative.

In a personal conversation, ask any questions and doubts you have about the agency and check if the  representative is open and friendly enough.

Only choose to continue, if you feel comfortable talking to the representative, see his/her professionalism and knowledgeability.

Here in CanadaCIS, we are fully dedicated to your successful immigration, ready to discuss it and answer all of your questions – feel free to get in touch!

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