Top 5 reasons to Move to Calgary, Alberta

More than 28 %
of Calgary's population are immigrants.

With that being said, it is safe to say that Calgary is such a welcoming city for immigrants.

Still, moving to a new city or province such as Alberta, might be complicated. No worries, we’ve created this article to help you feel more confident about making the move to Calgary, Alberta! 🍁

Published on September 3, 2023

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👨‍🎓 Calgary, The “Young and Educated” City in Alberta

The population of Calgary is one of the youngest and most educated cities in Canada. You can also find two of Canada’s most popular universities – Mount Royal and the University of Calgary – both of which are served by more than 50,000 students each year, including international students.

The average age in Calgary is 36.4 years. The excitement of the city’s residents adds an energetic component to its commercial and social activities. Also, there are many jobs for foreigners in Alberta.

☑️ Five Reasons To Immigrate to Calgary

Calgary has so many benefits to offer immigrants. Here are some of them:

In spite of the fact that certain Canadian areas are more expensive to live in, Calgary is a less expensive city than many major American cities. In addition to its attractive prices, North America’s most affordable housing market is in Canada.

The province of Alberta has among of the lowest provincial, personal, and inheritance taxes in the nation. There’s not only no provincial health insurance premium, but the province of Alberta is also the only Canadian jurisdiction without a sales tax, which is at a 5% GST.

Though Calgary’s history with the oil and gas sector was once dominant, don’t be fooled! The variety of jobs you can choose from have well evolved over time within the area. As for income per family in Calgary, it is above $100,000, which was the highest in all of Canada. The current minimum wage is $15 per hour.

The people of Calgary may enjoy almost 20,000 acres of public parks. Fish Creek Provincial Park and Nose Hill Park are both widely recognized as two of Calgary’s most scenic parks.  If you enjoy hiking, you can find several lovely paths around Calgary, such as crowd favorites: Grassi Lakes and Big Hill Springs Trail.

The Calgary region has freezing winters and heavy snowfall as a characteristic of its status as a Canadian province. Calgary’s coldest month is January, when temperatures range from -30°C to -7°C, with an average of -7°C. But what’s great is if you’re into snow sports, this won’t be a problem at all! As for summer months, the average temperature in Calgary reaches to about 24°C, with July and August being the warmest months. August is the ideal month, with temperatures of 10 to 25 °C.

Calgarians value respect, politeness, and kindness, and in turn, Calgarians appreciate you. When it comes to diversity, Calgary is very multicultural, welcoming, and even supportive towards immigrants!

Calgary has a few different options for public transportation, including trains, busses, and shuttles. The C-Train is one of the most often used public transportation options since most of the neighborhoods are walkable. The city of Calgary also has plenty of taxis and ridesharing options. If you’re in a place that isn’t in the downtown core or the C-Train route, they provide an excellent alternative for getting about.

📍 How to Move to Calgary, Alberta?

There are a number of immigration pathways available to those who want to live in Calgary.

💸 Estimated Cost of Moving to Calgary

When it comes to the cost of immigrating to Calgary, we’ve provided a list with estimated immigration costs per family of three.


$4,034 to $4,282

New York City

$3,547 to $3,742


$3,497 to $3,742


$13,725 to $14,940


$5,357 to $5,996


$4,028 to $4,305

This city has grown and transformed throughout the years, becoming a major hub for energy and other sectors.

Even in spite of the harsh winters and mounds of snow, there is always something to do in this city. Some choose to ski, while others enjoy picnics in one of the many lovely parks.

In conclusion, the city of Calgary has the kind of warmth that welcomes every immigrant who wishes to find a better place to call home. 

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