Immigration Guide on Moving to Canada without a Job Offer

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Most people know that it’s possible to move to Canada without a degree, but did you know that you can also immigrate to Canada without a job?

While having a work offer may increase your chances of success when applying for a visa process via immigration pathways such as the Express Entry System and moving to Canada much simpler, it is not a requirement.

Published on January 4, 2024

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💼 How to Move to Canada Without a Job

There are now over 72,000 positions advertised on Job Bank, the official Canadian Government website, and notable job search websites, providing sufficient opportunities for foreign workers seeking employment in Canada instead of applying abroad.

With Canada’s goal of inviting more than 400,000 skilled and semi-skilled foreigners to immigrate this 2023, along with an immigration system that offers more than 80 different immigration options, now would be the perfect time to work in Canada and begin your visa application even without a job offer. In this article, we’ll show you how!

🛫 Canadian Immigration Programs Without a Job Offer

There are 2 options on how to move to Canada without a job, and they are:

☑️ Tips on Finding a Job in Canada as a Foreigner

Canada is a beautiful country, but finding work in Canada is not as easy as you would hope. Not because there are no job openings; the difficulty is obtaining a visa that allows you to work there. The good news is that, though it may not be simple, it is achievable, and there are several strategies to consider.

Luckily, we’re here to provide some great tips for you to use when finding a job in Canada as a foreigner.

It is vital to have a professional and well-curated social media presence whether on Facebook or LinkedIn.

You’ll want to create a professional CV tailored to the Canadian market for the new market you’re entering. Spend some time learning how to create a strong CV for Canadian employers and then improve your current one (ideally before arrival).

Several provinces in Canada focus on specific industries. For instance, Ottawa is home to the public sector, Toronto is home to finance and IT businesses, Calgary is home to the insurance, manufacturing, and metal mining sectors, and Vancouver is home to logistics and real estate.

Other smaller communities are eager for skilled workers, such as Hamilton, London, Oshawa, Edmonton, Regina, Halifax, Winnipeg, Victoria, and Kingston. It’s also essential to do thorough research (on the cost of living, income potential, career prospects, and skill set, for example) before your move.

Here are three easy ways you can network:

  • Send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn along with a small note.
  • Create customizable small messages that you can use to connect with professionals.
  • Try requesting potential employers for a coffee interview. A coffee interview is an informal encounter with a prospective employer that takes place at a coffee shop.

You may want to browse career sites such as Monster, Indeed, Workopolis, LinkedIn Jobs etc. and it is highly recommended you submit only to well-researched profiles where you believe you have a greater chance of success.

👩‍🔧 Reasons to Hire Employment Agencies in Canada

Employment agencies have grown in popularity in recent years. A growing number of Canadian businesses depend on the skills of a recruiting firm to fill open roles and projects. However, these agencies are attracting an increasing number of applicants!

This is why it would be a great option for you to consider when it comes to finding jobs in Canada for foreigners, and here are some reasons why you should hire them:

  • Candidates are not charged by employment firms. The agency takes on the assignment and is compensated by their customers (other companies). As a result, there are no charges on your end. You are receiving assistance for free!
  • Employment agencies possess an in-depth understanding of the labour market. They understand which industries and firms provide exciting prospects for individuals with your skills and competence and which expectations are reasonable.
  • Employment agencies operate on a big scale. As a result, they may often connect you with intriguing customers and tasks rapidly.
  • Employment agencies often have access to positions that you, the job seeker, do not (yet). In addition, through years of collaboration with customers, agencies are often the first to learn of essential profiles.
  • Employment agencies are following up on your application for you so that you don’t have to. 
Additional Tip: CanadaCIS offers additional job search services that can help you find a Canadian employer faster and increase your chances of immigrating to Canada for work and applying for permanent residency. 
❓ Commonly Asked Questions

As an unskilled worker, you may move to Canada provided you secure a provincial nomination from a province. Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) are provincial programs aimed at fulfilling labor market demands in their respective jurisdictions.

You do not need a job offer to apply for the Express Entry system.  However, if your chosen program requires one, CanadaCIS offers additional services that can help you find a job in Canada with a Canadian employer.

The easiest provinces to immigrate to in Canada are Alberta and Prince Edward Island. They both do not require specific jobs or job lists.

No, in the majority of circumstances, you do not need a job offer. Nonetheless, if you are qualified for either the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Federal Skilled Trades Program and do not have the funds to maintain yourself and your family in Canada, you will need one.

💻 10 Best Job Search Websites in Canada for 2024-2025

Canada’s job market is diverse, with opportunities spanning various industries, from technology and healthcare to finance and engineering. Our curated list of job search websites is your gateway to discovering a multitude of job openings, connecting with potential employers, and ultimately securing the career of your dreams. Here are the most useful job-hunting websites to visit:

10. Indeed

Indeed collects job posts from around the web, including corporate career websites and professional organizations and enables you to search locally or worldwide. Among the free services available to job searchers are a résumé generator and a career blog.

9. LinkedIn

This leading networking platform enables you to discover employment not just via employer ads, but also via interactions with your extended network. Your profile functions as a résumé, and you can quickly discover and share career-related material, go deep into thought leadership postings from influential individuals in your profession, and request or provide recommendations. Furthermore, industry groups enable you to engage in professional discussions and keep track of firms that interest you and are important to your job hunt.

8. Eluta

Eluta is a Canadian job search engine that collects job listings from over 10,000 company websites around the country. Eluta offers links to the actual job advertisements by businesses. Candidates may sign up for email notifications to be notified when new positions matching their search criteria become available.

7. Jobboom

Jobboom is the leading recruiting website in Quebec and provides services in both official Canadian languages. This platform helps candidates to upload their resumes and apply for jobs directly or respond to job offer broadcasts made to chosen applicants through e-mail. Jobboom also provides career advice and articles on self-learning, market trends, and popular job pathways.

6. Glassdoor

Not only does Glassdoor allow you to look for jobs, but it also lets users evaluate firms they’ve worked for and share pay and benefit information, providing insight into organizations that job seekers would not otherwise know about. Professionals who have conducted interviews with a firm may also provide information on the organization’s hiring practices. As for recruitment, Glassdoor enables employers to find potential employees and advertise their businesses to prospective employees.

5. Monster

This large employment site was one of the earliest commercial job search websites ever created. It operates in over 40 countries and provides services such as resume uploads, networking boards, corporate profiles, a resume evaluation service, and a mobile app. Additionally, the site assesses your suitability for a career based on your abilities and interests.

4. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is a job search engine that aggregates postings from job boards, business career pages, and specialist employment websites. According to the firm, it maintains a database of 700,000 unique employer job vacancies and offers job search engines in 24 countries and 12 languages. Employers should keep in mind that the site distributes your job advertising to over 100 job boards for maximum exposure.

3. Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs compiles job postings from a variety of sources, including some of the sites mentioned in this piece. Utilize it similarly to how you would Google, and from the identical primary search page. To get a list of open vacancies, do a search for key terms such as “accounting jobs.” Additionally, if available, the results include business ratings and pay information for the job.

2. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter originated as a cost-effective way for small companies to advertise job postings. It has evolved into an online employment marketplace powered by artificial intelligence that connects companies of all sizes with job seekers through mobile, web, and email services. Utilize ZipRecruiter’s mobile application to search and apply to jobs, and get notifications when your application is seen.

1. Company websites

The majority of companies have a section on their website dedicated to Jobs or Careers. Identify the leading firms in your industry and inquire about vacant positions. Keep checking frequently, although some may allow you to set up job alerts for the positions that most interest you.

Due to the massive labor gap in 2024 several pathways are now available for immigrants without a job offer. However, the challenge is determining which program or visa you qualify for before moving to Canada. Check this article for more details on everything you need to know before moving to Canada.

Truthfully, if you wish to work in Canada without a job offer, the procedure may be more complicated since you may need to earn Canadian work experience before applying to a program.

If you want expert help and assistance, consult with any of our top-rated immigration experts about your migration possibilities today!

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