Converting Your Temporary Work Permit to Canada PR

It may seem like a lengthy and difficult procedure to convert your temporary work permit to a Canada PR, but don’t worry! You may accomplish this in a number of quick and simple methods without putting too much time or effort into it.

You might wonder how that is. The best path, and more are all provided for you right here. Keep reading to get more helpful information that you won’t want to miss!

How to Turn Your Temporary Work Permit into a Canada PR

The easiest approach to convert your temporary work permit into permanent residency in Canada is to apply to one of Canada’s popular immigration pathways.

Published on September 25, 2022

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Changing your temporary work visa to a permanent one is very definitely possible. How? The top 4 best pathways are presented in the sections that follow.

There is 1 stream in Express Entry you could consider, which is:

Best Option: Express Entry

Points are given for a variety of criteria under the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). When determining points under the Express Entry CRS grid, the temporary work permit holder’s Canadian job experience can help them earn up to 70 points in the Core/Human Capital element and up to 100 points in the Skills Transferability factor. Up to 200 extra points can be earned with a legitimate employment offer.

Temporary Work Permit to Canada PR
Express Entry is the best and most popular option for temporary workers!

A work permit holder who has legal work experience and a job offer qualifies for Express Entry with a large points advantage over other candidates, which increases their likelihood of being invited to apply and, ultimately, of receiving Canada permanent residency.

There is 1 stream in Express Entry you could consider, which is:

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

You may be qualified to apply for permanent residency under the Federal Skilled Worker Program if you are employed temporarily by a Canadian firm and the employer has offered you an offer of permanent employment. Arranged job is the term used to describe such an offer. The temporary employee must get the requisite number of points under the Foreign Skilled Worker Program. Points are given depending on the candidate’s educational background, age, adaptability, language proficiency, and the job offer. Up to 12 to 18 months may pass throughout this process.

Option #2: Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The Canadian Experience Class program accepts applications from temporary workers in specialized occupations who have worked in Canada. This is a popular choice for temporary workers who fall short of the points needed to qualify for the federal skilled worker program.

Candidates for the CEC must have finished post-secondary education in Canada and at least two years of work experience, or they must have one year of work experience and completed post-secondary education in Canada. Before submitting their application for Canadian permanent residency, candidates who qualify under the CEC must fulfill one of the prerequisites listed above.

Option #3: Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

The majority of provinces have their own provincial nominee programs that let them nominate potential immigrants to apply for Canada PR. Candidates who submit an application for a provincial program must plan to live in the province in question. Programs frequently mimic those offered at the federal level, despite the fact that the many streams and alternatives available in each province might vary substantially.

Temporary Work Permit to Canada PR
If you're a temporary worker who wishes to work and live in a specific province permanently this option is best for you!

Under a PNP, applications for permanent residency may take up to 12 to 18 months to process. Get in touch with us for further details.

Option #4: Quebec Experience Class (QEC)

Permanent residence applications can be made by temporary employees using the Quebec Experience Class. The Canadian Experience Class (CEQ) and the Quebec Experience Class (QEC) are quite similar, however the QEC has more requirements.

Candidates for the QEC must speak French at an intermediate level and must have worked in Quebec in a skilled capacity for at least a year (via a temporary work permit). The province of Quebec will provide a Quebec Selection Certificate to successful applicants, enabling them to apply for their permanent residency status.

In conclusion, there are several ways for you to convert your temporary work visa into permanent residency, so don’t lose hope! We wish you well as you work towards obtaining permanent residency, and our experts are here to assist you at every step of the way!

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