Canadian Permanent Residency for International Students

The federal economic immigration programs of Canada as well as various provincial nominee programs provide students a variety of immigration options to Canada. Candidates who studied and graduated in Canada are given bonus points. After you graduate, if you want to stay in Canada permanently, we can help you with a few choices that can result in a smooth transition.

Permanent Residency Pathway Options for International Students

1. Express Entry

There are two great options for international students to choose from when considering Express Entry as a way for permanent residency

Canadian Experience Class

A post-graduation work permit will likely be available to international students once they graduate, allowing them to obtain the necessary work experience to be eligible for the Canadian Experience Class which is one of the Express Entry pathways with the fastest routes to permanent residence.

Federal Skilled Worker Class

Published on July 13, 2022

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Canadian Permanent Residency for International Students
International Students may choose 3 pathways for Canadian permanent residency!

The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program is one of  the many streams Express Entry has to offer, but this one specifically can be a possibility of permanent residency for international students upon graduation. This program is a wonderful alternative for foreign student graduates who already have acquired competent job experience overseas since, unlike the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), it does not need fresh-grads to have Canadian work experience.

2. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

The provincial nominee program is a great pathway for students who have a connection to the province in some way, such as prior studies or professional experience that was accomplished there. A foreign student’s eligibility to apply for a PNP in that province may depend on the province in which they finished their program of study.

3. Quebec Immigration Pathways

Quebec has its own immigration process with distinct standards and guidelines from the rest of Canada. International students studying in Quebec can participate in one of two primary permanent residency programs in Quebec, such as:

Quebec Experience Program

Students must have finished their program of study at a Quebec university or be within six months of doing so in order to be eligible for this program. Also do take note international students must have advanced intermediate oral French proficiency to be eligible.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

International students in Quebec who have completed or are presently completing a certificate program in that province may want to take this program into consideration. Candidates for QSW must get a minimum score on the points assessment grid for the program, but the good thing about this program is that students aren’t required to know the French-language.

Foreign Student's Guide to Acquiring Canadian Permanent Residency

👩‍🎓 Step 1: Graduate and finish your courses in Canada.

🗣️ Step 2: Pass One of Canada's language tests, either CELPIP (British-English), IELTS (Canadian-English), or TEF (French).

💼 Step 3: Receive a job offer from a Canadian employer.

👨‍💼 Step 4: Acquire at least 2 years of Canadian work experience.

💻 Step 5: Apply to the province directly or make an Express Entry profile (if you plan to apply through one of the Express Entry streams)

International Students Applying for Canada Permanent Residency: FAQS

How many international students get PR in Canada?

97.5% of foreign graduates who requested for PR in Canada between January and October 2021 were granted.  Over the same time frame, over 130,000 previous holders of research permits received PR approval. 

Canadian Permanent Residency for International Students
There are plenty of reasons why you should choose permanent residency in Canada for your studies and after graduation!

We have yet to see how many foreign graduates will be accepted in 2023, and by starting now you could be one of them! 😉

Which province is easy to get PR in Canada for international students?

For new foreign students who intend to stay in Canada permanently, Ontario is the most popular province.

Can I apply for PR while on student visa?

Yes! While enrolled in school or after graduating, international students studying in Canada may seek for permanent residence status.

Is Canada better than America for international students?

Although the US and Canada are both ideal locations for individuals who want to pursue higher education overseas, Canada has recently surpassed the US in popularity. Faster processing periods for study permits is the main reason why students choose Canada over the US.

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