How to Immigrate to Yukon: top tips in 2024

34500 people
lives in Yukon

Yukon, the smallest and westernmost of Canada’s three territories, has the lowest population of any province or territory in Canada, so this province needs more immigrants to come and settle.

Yukon is a great location to live, offering awe-inspiring natural landscapes, many careers, and education possibilities, plentiful natural resources, and an immigrant-friendly community.

Discover more tips on how to move to Yukon.

Published on December 6, 2023

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🍁 What should I know about Yukon before moving?

Before packing your bags and choosing Yukon as your primary destination for immigrating to Canada, it’s essential to know what life is like in Yukon and its job opportunities for immigrants. You may find all you need to know about this in the following sections below:

💼 Job opportunities in Yukon

Yukon has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada, at 4.6 percent, making it one of the easiest provinces to find work in Canada! Want to know the best job opportunities and the average salary within Yukon? No worries, we got you covered!

Average Salary: $51,168 to $87,408 per year
TEER CODE: 21321
Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering or in a related engineering discipline

Average Salary: $27,300 to $36,439 per year
TEER CODE: 63200
Requirements: Completion of secondary school or a cook’s trade certification

Average Salary: $30,225 to $40,407 per year
TEER CODE: 42202
Requirements: 2 to 4 year college course in early childhood education or a bachelor’s degree in child development is required, along with a license provided by the provincial or territorial association for early childhood educators (ECE).

Average Salary:  $36,075 to $49,959 per year
TEER CODE: 12200
Requirements: At least four years of bookkeeping experience and a letter of recommendation from a previous employer, client, or accountant.

Average Salary: $25,350 to $40,365 per year
TEER CODE: 64314
Requirements: Completion of secondary school or equivalent along with a completion of a two-year apprenticeship program or a college program in front desk operations or hotel management

👩‍🎓 Studying Opportunities in Yukon

There is just one higher education institution in Yukon: Yukon University. Yukon University offers degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

In December 2019, the parliament of Yukon passed a law to convert Yukon College into Yukon College. Yukon is considered to be the 3rd best university in Canada with around 130 international students enrolled each year. 

If you wish to move to Yukon as an international college student, this would be your best and only option!

University campus in Yukon
Yukon's university is ranked as the 3rd best university in Canada!

It’s not an easy choice to leave your old life behind and start a new one in Canada, but this is a wise one. Going on a new journey to Yukon is an even more thrilling and distinct challenge because of the choice of destination. In Yukon, if you are persistent, you will find a job. In order to achieve your plans of living in Yukon, your next step would be to start your immigration journey, and CanadaCIS is here to help!

🛤️ Easy Immigration Routes to Yukon

Discover the seamless pathways that make immigration to this breathtaking territory a reality. Whether you’re drawn to the pristine wilderness, vibrant communities, or unique opportunities, Yukon welcomes individuals from various walks of life.

Uncover the possibilities that await you in Yukon – a place where adventure meets tranquility. Click on the photo to unveil the door to your future in this remarkable Canadian territory.

Let the Yukon charm you with its natural wonders, and find your way to a new chapter of life surrounded by unparalleled beauty. 🌄

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