Working as a Factory Worker: Moving to Canada from Taiwan

Moving to a new country from Taiwan can be scary, but it’s also an exciting opportunity to start over. Canada is known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with its wide open spaces and friendly people. If you’re considering moving there and finding a job as a factory worker, read on for our immigration guide on how to do it! 

Why Move to Canada from Taiwan?

Canada is a beautiful country. It has a better quality of life and economy than Taiwan, which makes it much safer for you to live in.

Canada also has better healthcare, education, employment opportunities and language skills compared to Taiwan. 

Published on October 25, 2022

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The reason why most people move from Taiwan to Canada is because they want to have more opportunities in life or they want a better payback on their investment than if they stayed at home doing nothing all day long.

Lastly, it is a multicultural country and it’s one of the reasons why Taiwanese citizens love to live here. You will get to meet people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and races. It’s like living in an international community where everyone respects each other for their differences.

How to Apply for a Factory Worker Job in Canada from Taiwan

Apply online/Canada’s Job Banks

You can apply for jobs by visiting the company’s website and filling out an application form. The best way to do this is through your computer or mobile device. Some companies require you to have access to a printer before submitting your form, so make sure you have one ready!

Move to Canada from Taiwan as a Factory Worker
There are thee possible ways you can apply for Factory Worker Jobs in Canada!

Apply in person

If possible (and if their website doesn’t require it), some companies may allow applicants not only submit applications but also attend interviews at their office or factory location on a tourist visa. This helps give them an idea of who would be good workers for their business model before receiving any formal offers from potential candidates who don’t live near where they’re located yet still want to work there anyway!

Apply with the help of immigration consultancies

These agencies, such as CanadaCIS who specialize in assisting foreign workers apply for jobs in Canada—including manufacturing jobs!

CanadaCIS offers job search services, such as CV/Resume revisions, language test preparations, interview call preparations, and more!

Click here to learn more on how you can Immigrate to Canada from Taiwan!

What Type of Factory Jobs are Available in Canada?

  • Boiler Attendant
  • Chemical Production Operator
  • Driller
  • Energy and Chemical Plant Operator
  • Glass Processor
  • Meat/Seafood Process Worker
  • Packhouse Worker
  • Plastics Technician
  • Plastics Worker
  • Product Assembler
  • Pulp and Paper Mill Operator
  • Sewing Machinist
  • Textile Process Operator
  • Water/Waste Water Treatment Operator
  • Wood Processing Worker

To find a job as a factory worker in Canada, you’ll need to have the right skills. There are many different types of jobs available, but they all require certain qualifications.

The first thing to keep in mind is that most Canadian factories don’t hire anyone who has lived outside their country for more than six months (unless they’re working on a temporary basis). If this sounds like it would be an issue for you, then maybe consider going through an immigration program instead. Most countries have them available online or through your local consulate office; just look up “immigration” online and see what kinds of options there are available locally!

Once again though—the reason why so many people move from Taiwan into Canada isn’t because they want to leave behind their friends and family back home; rather it’s because they want better opportunities here at home where things aren’t always easy financially speaking either.

If you’re looking to get involved in a manufacturing job in Canada, then make sure you know the difference between a factory and an office environment. While they both provide employment opportunities, they are vastly different from each other. In factories, there are usually lots of machines that run by themselves, so most workers don’t need to operate them directly (unless they’re part of a team doing so).

What is the Average Salary of a Factory Worker in Canada?

The average salary in Canada is $48,000 per year. That’s not the median—the middle half of all workers make more than that! In Taiwan, you can expect to earn about $2,400 per month. That’s less than half of what your Canadian counterparts will make!

So why move? If you’re looking for an exciting career opportunity and want to live in a beautiful country with lots of opportunities for learning new skills and making friends from around the world (and even beyond), then Canada may be right up your alley.

Move to Canada from Taiwan as a Factory Worker
Immigrants who move to Canada from Taiwan to work in the factory industry receive pretty high salaries!

Can I apply for a work permit if I have a Canadian job offer?

If you have a job offer in Canada, then it is possible for you to apply for a work permit. In order to be eligible for this type of visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have been offered employment with a Canadian employer.
  • Your salary must exceed the threshold set by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This is usually $3500 per month or more depending on your skills and experience level. The threshold also changes depending upon what region of Canada where you live; however it’s generally higher than that found in other countries like Australia or New Zealand which makes sense since they tend not to pay as much per hour compared with other places such as Thailand where wages tend towards lower numbers but still above $2/hr at best depending upon location.

Overall, it shouldn’t be that hard to move to Canada from Taiwan and find a job as a factory worker, as this occupation is highly in-demand today. We hope this article has given you the information that you need to move to Canada from Taiwan as a factory worker. We can’t wait to see how your journey is going!

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