Immigration from Portugal to Canada

🛫 The Easiest Way to Migrate to Canada from Portugal

The Portuguese may relocate to Canada and receive a permanent residency visa via Express Entry, the quickest and most efficient method. Canada manages Portuguese skilled worker immigration applications using an online portal.

There are three immigration programs that you could choose from to apply to. Depending on your eligibility, it will help you make your immigration process to Canada faster.

Published on September 3, 2023

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Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Qualified employees with prior Canadian work experience who want to remain in the country permanently may apply to the Canadian Experience Class. To meet the bare minimums, you must:

  • fulfill the job-specific language requirements for each language ability,
  • have 1 year of competent job experience in Canada in the past three years before applying,
  • and be a temporary resident with a work permit in Canada

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST)

This program is for talented individuals who want to become permanent residents of Canada because of their expertise in a particular trade. You must meet the following criteria if you’re going to immigrate to Canada from Portugal.

  • Meet the required language ability levels
  • Have two years of full-time or equivalent part-time skilled trade experience within five years of applying
  • Fulfill the work criteria for that skilled profession, save for a certificate of competence
  • Have a full-time work offer for at least a year
  • Posses a Canadian provincial, territorial, or federal skilled trade certificate

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW)

This program is for highly qualified Portuguese employees who want to settle permanently in Canada. You may become a permanent resident of Canada through this stream if you have:

  • worked in managerial, professional, or technical jobs 
  • 10 years of paid skilled labor in your immigration application profession,
  • paid employment above 15 hours/week as long as it totals 1,560 hours.
  • taken English or French exams,
  • achieve a CLB 7 in all language tests, and
  • enough money to settle unless you can legally work in Canada and have a job offer

🍁 Other Options to Immigrate to Canada from Portugal

Immigration programs in each province and territory are tailored to meet the needs of specific demographics and other criteria. This program is for employees who wish to immigrate to Canada from Portugal that:

  • have the skills, knowledge, and experience to boost a region’s economy.
  • call that province home, and
  • wish to become permanent residents of Canada

You may live, work and study in Canada if you have family members who are legal residents of Canada. Your relatives can support your immigration to Canada if they are at least 18 years old and either of the following:

  • either a permanent resident or citizen of Canada
  • a person enrolled in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act

Portuguese entrepreneurs who meet the requirements of Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program may apply for permanent residency in the country. The Canada Start-Up Class is the name given to it by the government. But it is usually referred to as the Start-Up Visa program (SUV) (SUV).

This initiative connects individuals who want to immigrate to Canada from Portland to the Canadian private sector investors who may assist in establishing their start-up company. It also aims at inventive business owners. To be qualified for this program, you must:

  • own a legitimate business
  • acquire a letter of support from a selected organization
  • fulfill the language requirements
  • carry enough money to settle

It is the procedure for skilled Portuguese who want to immigrate to Canada permanently and settle in Quebec. The province of Quebec and the federal government have a unique immigration agreement. It has its criteria for choosing immigrants who would fit in well.

To move to Canada as a Quebec-selected skilled worker, you should appeal in the following two stages:

  • Quebec’s government issues Quebec Selection Certificates.
  • If Quebec chooses you and gives you a CSQ, you must apply to IRCC for permanent residence.

You can be eligible to apply for permanent residency via the Home Child Care Provider Pilot or Home Support Worker Pilot if you match the qualifying conditions and have a job offer to work in one of these occupations:

  • Home Child Care Provider
  • Home Support Worker 

If you recently worked as a home child care provider or support worker, your experience may contribute to your application for permanent residence.

You’ll acquire an open work visa to travel to Canada and work briefly through these pilots. Work experience required for permanent residency may be obtained without a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) since this work permit is occupation-restricted

👶 Child Requirements to Be Sponsored for Immigration to Canada

The reasons why the Portuguese choose to come to Canada are comparable to those of other populations and nationalities. It is common for people to leave their nation to find a better quality of life, more work prospects, or financial security in Canada.

Among the many reasons the Portuguese wished to immigrate to Canada from Portugal are the country’s multiculturalism, openness, and plenty of social services, including universal health care and an excellent educational system.

The application process may be more efficient when a candidate has a job and proceed more quickly.

Canada is a nation that cherishes freedom and variety. Because of the wide range of experiences available, the country and its people are sure to win over the hearts of Portuguese who wish to immigrate to Canada from Portugal. Now that you’ve seen what’s possible, you’re ready to check your eligibility, submit your application, and take advantage of Canada’s cultural experiences and job prospects.

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