How to immigrate from Ireland to Canada

It is easy to understand why other nationalities chose to migrate to Canada. The country’s promise of a better quality of life is coupled with exciting cultural diversity and Canada’s natural landscapes. The country’s communities are also famous for their welcoming and tolerant society. Canada’s commitment to excellent and fair education makes it very attractive to foreigners too. The same reasons make Irish citizens move to Canada and settle in the country for good.

If you are an Irish citizen and planning to migrate to Canada but are confused about how and where to start, this article may help you. Read on: we will try to cover essential information to help you start right with your immigration from Ireland to Canada.

Published on April 22, 2022

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Irish populations in Canada

There are more than 4million Irish Canadians in Canada with full or partial Irish ancestry. It is about thirteen percent of the whole of Canada’s population, making the Irish people the fourth largest ethnic group in Canada!

The Irish people have had a significant impact on each Canadian province separately. The top five provinces with the highest number of Irish Canadians are as follows:

Immigrate to Canada from Ireland
With 4 million Irish living in Canada to date, it'll be quite easy adjusting to your new enviroment!

1. Ontario

2. British Columbia

3. Alberta

4. Quebec

5. Nova Scotia

Permanent Residency in Canada

The application for Canadian Permanent Residency for Irish nationals runs through a process: through different immigration pathways, which we will be discussing further in this section.

Visa Needed From Ireland to Canada

As an Irish citizen, you can either get a Temporary or a Permanent visa to move to Canada.

The International Experience Canada (IEC) working holiday visa is one of the most popular routes for Irish people. This visa allows 18-35-year-olds Irish to move to Canada for up to two years; for work purposes. They may also qualify for a further stay of up to three years.

There are several routes for Irish people to a long-term stay in Canada. The following are the most popular ones:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program

It is for skilled Irish workers with work experience abroad who want to get permanent resident status in Canada. This stream under the Express Entry assesses your qualification based on: skilled work experience, English/French language abilities, education, and other factors. Here, the CRS point system is used to determine the applicants’ ability to succeed in their life in Canada. 

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program. 

For Irish people qualified in a skilled trade, it is the route to permanent residency in Canada. Irish applicants under this stream must show proof of experience in a job with the same NOC code as the job the applicant is seeking to work in upon immigrating to Canada. They should have experienced it in at least two years of full-time work.

  • Canadian Experience Class.

Irish people who can show proof of previous work experience in Canada can go through this route. Proof should be showing work experience in one or more of the following, as outlined by the National Occupation Classification (NOC) system: Managerial job (Skill Type “0”), Professional job (Skill Level “A”), and /or Technical job and skilled trades (Skill Level “B”).

Tips When Moving to Canada from Ireland

Pick the right pathway.

There are more than a hundred programs and streams available for you to apply and immigrate to Canada. You should be able to determine which path is the best for you. As mentioned above, those popular ones could be one of your routes; you have to find out your eligibility.

Immigrate to Canada from Ireland
It's best to always choose the right pathway before anything else!

Check your eligibility.

Check first if you are eligible for the program before you start processing your application. You must be able to submit all requirements complete and on time. The Canadian government is very strict with deadlines, and it may cause rejection of your application.

Do it right the first time.

You may be able to reapply if you get rejected with your first application. However, it is important to make it during your first attempt; it will save you time, money, and even moral damage. It is then advisable to get professional assistance from immigration experts.

Start looking for a job in Canada

It is advisable that you already have jobs in mind even before arriving in Canada or even already secure one where you could immediately start work upon your arrival. The Canadian government’s immigration website has numerous tips for foreigners on finding a job, plus information about Canadian workplace culture and standards. You may also look for Canadian job opportunities on these job sites: Job Bank,, and Jobboom.

Irish Organizations in Canada

When in Canada, you can join any of the many Irish Canadian organizations to avoid feeling like being away from home. It will be normal to feel quite lonely during your early days in Canada. Meeting other people who were once experiencing what you feel will give a sense of comfort. Joining Irish Canadian communities, clubs, and events is a big help. You can check the Irish Canadian Immigration Centre for an extensive list of these organizations.

As an Irish citizen, you can either get a Temporary or a Permanent visa to move to Canada.

Move to Canada From Ireland: Top Two Questions Answered

1. How much do I need to prepare for my move to Canada from Ireland?

Under the Express Entry system, each applicant will need at least $13,213. A family of four will have to prepare at least $24,553.

2. Will it take a long time to get a Canadian work visa from Ireland?

Immigrate to Canada from Ireland
Make sure to save up in advance before you move! Having a good amount of savings will make your immigration procedure easier!

It will take an average of eleven weeks for a Canadian temporary work visa application process.

You may still have many questions in mind and are still confused about how to start your immigration application to Canada from Ireland up to this point. That is normal. Hence we advise that you get immigration expert assistance. You may fill-up the form below, and our immigration expert team will reach out to help you. We look forward to assisting you in getting you to Canada successfully!

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