How to Choose the Best Canadian Province to Immigrate to

499000 + immigrants
are welcomed in Canada each year

And if you aspire to be one of them this year, you should know that there multiple pathways for your application. Each pathway consists of different set of eligibility  requirements and processes.

It is also important to know that each Canadian province has a set of immigration pathways exclusive to the teritorry.

Published on December 6, 2023

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🛫 What province should I choose for immigration to Canada?

Hard question, isn’t it?

Don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place where to find the answer.

We’ll give you an overview of all provinces, so that you compare them and decide where to start your new life in Canada.

Also, we’ll give you tips on how to understand which province is the most suitable for you.

So, let’s dig into your question in more details. 

📍 The Provinces in Canada

Canada has ten provinces and three territories.

You probably wonder what’s the difference between provinces and territories. 

It’s simply the matter of power and organization: provinces have their own governments, while territories are ruled by the federal government.

For you it doesn’t change anything – all provinces and territories are open to immigration. 

Let’s have a look at all of them: 

political map of Canada
Canada is a big, spacious and diverse country.

Famous for: Niagara falls, Great Lakes, rapid economic growth.

Big cities: Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton.

Top industries: manufacturing, biotech, automotive.

Famous for: high living standards, high average income, diverse local food.

Big cities: Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby.

Top industries: engineering, agriculture, natural gas and mining, forestry.

Famous for: national parks (UNESCO world heritage sites), large oil and gas reserves.

Big cities: Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer.

Top industries: construction, oil and gas, mining, finance, real estate, agriculture.

Famous for: high living standards, high average income, diverse local food.

Big cities: Winnipeg, Brandon, Steinbach.

Top industries: manufacturing, transportation, biotechnology, IT, tourism.

Famous for: diverse wildlife, gorgeous architecture, Athabasca Sand Dunes.

Big cities: Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert.

Top industries: meat processing, agriculture, manufacturing, oil and gas. 

Famous for: warm beaches, excellent seafood, giant lobsters.

Big cities: Fredericton, Saint John, Moncton.

Top industries: aerospace, manufacturing, marine, forestry, oil and gas.

Famous for: coal resources, lobsters, beautiful lighthouses.

Big cities: Halifax, Sydney, Truro.

Top industries: agriculture, manufacturing, finance, film and TV production. 

Famous for: red sand beaches, PEI National Park, large production of potatoes.

Big cities: Charlottetown, Summerside, Stratford.

Top industries: aerospace, bioscience, fisheries, IT, agriculture.

Famous for: mix of cultures (English, Irish, and French), rich history.

Big cities: John’s, Paradise, Mount Pearl.

Top industries: mining, real estate, construction. 

Famous for: Arctic wildlife, Northern Lights, winter sports.

Big cities: Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet, Arviat.

Top industries: fishing, hunting, mining.

Famous for: Wood Buffalo National Park, small population, diverse wildlife.

Big cities: Yellowknife, Inuvik, Hay River.

Top industries: tourism, fishing, hunting.

Famous for: mineral resources, small size.

Big cities: Whitehorse, Dawson City, Watson Lake.

Top industries: energy, fishing, hunting.

Famous for: European atmosphere, gorgeous architecture, large francophone community.

Big cities: Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa-Gatineau.

Top industries: manufacturing, mining, engineering, telecommunications, tourism.

🍁 So, how to know which province is the best?

To make a really good choice, you need to do a bit of a research beforehand. 

Or, you can just ask an immigration consultant – a real professional will easily evaluate your goals and suggest you a few best places to choose from.

In any case, we suggest you to follow these few steps when looking for  the best place where to immigrate in Canada.

🛤️ Immigration Routes to Canada For All Provinces

Canada is known for its welcoming immigration policies, offering various pathways for individuals from around the world to make it their home. The country’s immigration system is diverse, accommodating skilled workers, entrepreneurs, family reunification, and refugees.

Each province and territory in Canada has its own immigration programs, contributing to the nation’s cultural and economic vibrancy.

Regardless of which province you opt to immigrate to, Canada’s immigration landscape is dynamic, with programs evolving to meet the changing needs of the country. 

NOTE: To stay informed about the latest updates and consult with immigration professionals like CandaCIS for personalized guidance based on their unique circumstances.

Learn more about life in Canada:

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