Canada's Visitor Visa Application Procedure

Are you visiting Canada? Then you may need a Canadian visitor visa; depending on the country that you will be coming from.

Canada is known as a highly developed country, and for the past few years, there has been a steady increase in people traveling to Canada. However, there are still many people who wonder how they can get to Canada. Read further to know how to apply for a Canadian visitor visa.

Published on November 26, 2021

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What is a Canadian Visitor Visa?

A Canadian Visitor Visa is a Temporary Resident Visa for Canada, which allows the holder to go to Canada for tourism or visiting family. It allows you to go to a Canadian port of entry and ask for permission to enter the country. The Border Patrol Officers are the ones who are allowed to grant or deny your entry, based on your documents and your situation. If you have been issued a Canadian visitor visa and the officers find that you do not have any criminal intentions, you will be allowed to pass the port of entry; it then begins your holiday or family visit in Canada.

Person holding a Canada visa stamp
A visitor visa allows you to spend a few months in Canada!

Take Note

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Get your Canada visitor visa or Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) before your departure. You cannot get it upon your arrival in Canada.

Who Needs to Apply for a Canadian Visitor Visa?

Those who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada need to apply for a Canadian visitor visa. These visitors are restricted in length of stay and subject to various conditions. 

However, some countries might not need a Canadian visitor visa to enter Canada and only need an Electronic Travel Authorization. It means that the applicants will only need to enter their personal information; the Canadian immigration system will check their data if they can enter Canada without a Canadian visa.

What are the requirements for a Canadian visitor visa?

You will need the following list of documents for your Canadian Visitor Visa application.

🛂 Your Passport

man signing documents for visitor visa
There are several important requirements that are highly important for you to submit when applying for a Visitor Visa.

It should be a valid passport and contain the following information:

  • Your passport number, date of issue, and expiry.
  • Your full name, place, and date of birth.
  • A clear photo of yourself.

💻 Application Package from the IRCC website.

For your Canadian visitor visa application, an Application Package from the IRCC website is available for download; this package is an instructional guide. It also includes the document checklist and all the forms you have to complete and submit.

💰 Proof of payment of Canada visa fees.

For your Canadian visitor visa application, you need to attach receipts of the required fees to it. The prices are the following; it changes depending on the purpose of travel.

The application fee for a Canada Visitor Visa is 100 Canadian dollars per person. If you are required to submit the biometrics, it is an additional 85 Canadian dollars. So, it makes a total cost of 185 Canadian dollars, just applying for the visa. Additionally, you

will also have to pay for the passport processing, which will cost around 45 Canadian dollars.

🕵🏻‍♂️ Proof of clean criminal record.

It may be court documents showing you have no record of any criminal activity. Canadian immigration will make sure that you will not pose a danger to its society. You can get a police certificate or clearance in your home country for this.

🏥 Proof of being in good health through a medical exam.

One requirement to get a Canadian visa is that you are in good health. You may be required to complete a medical examination to prove that you are in good health. There are exceptions though, if you are just staying for less than six months, you may not be required to submit a medical certificate.

📷 Photographs following the photo requirements for a Canada visa.

For the photo requirements, you have to provide two passport pictures based on Canadian visitor visa requirements. If the pictures do not match the standard set by Canada’s Government, your application could be rejected.

🏦 Proof of financial means.

It can be your bank statements or any financial documents to prove you have enough funds for the trip to Canada. It should show that you have enough money to maintain yourself and your family members in Canada and for your going back home.

✈️ Proof you will return to your home country once your Canadian visa expires.

One of your Canadian visitor visa requirements; to prove that you will be returning home once your visa expires. It may be a travel itinerary if you have already booked your air tickets or just a description of what you plan to do once in Canada; and when you’ll return home. It may also be a Canada visa letter of invitation from your family or friends, showing that you will visit them and return to your home country once your visit is over.

Despite how long your Canada Tourist Visa is valid, you are not allowed to stay in Canada for more than six months at a time. Therefore, after six months you must return to your home country. You have to stay in your home country for some time before you can return to Canada again for six months.

How to Apply for the Canadian Visitor Visa?

Step 1. Check your eligibility for the Canadian Visitor Visa.

It is the first thing you should do; check if you are eligible for a Canada Visitor Visa. You, as an applicant, must meet some criteria to determine whether you can be allowed to apply for the visa and hold it.

Step 2. Choose how to apply: online or personally

You can apply in either of the two. If you apply online, you must have access to a scanner or camera to create electronic copies of your documents and a valid credit card for fees.

Step 3. Complete the Canadian visitor visa document requirements.

Make sure you complete the Document Checklist and include it with your application forms and supporting documents. Again, you can submit your Visitor Visa applications through a Visa Application Centre (VAC) or online.

Step 4. Complete the Canada Tourist Visa Application Form.

Fill out the tourist visa application form. Read the instruction guide and carefully fill it up. Be careful with typo errors, and don’t miss a field to avoid rejection. 

Step 1 of Your Visitor Visa Application
Check your eligibility for a visitor visa and prepare for your application
Step 2 of Your Visitor Visa Application
Submit your visitor visa application (or hire an agency to do it for you)
Step 3 of Your Visitor Visa Application
Get ready for one memorable visit in Canada you'll never forget

With the help of CanadaCIS, the process of applying for a visiting visa can considerably easier than expected.

Step 5. Pay the Canada Visitor Visa fees.

Pay the required fees. Again, please take note that these fees may change without prior notice.

Step 6. Submit your Canada Tourist Visa Application.

It is submission time. Do your completion check to ensure that you have properly completed and submitted all required application forms. You should have paid the application processing fee, and you have completed all supporting documentation such as your financial documents proving you are financially capable for the travel.

What happens next?

Your application is now in process. It is waiting time; be ready to respond to any additional requests for information. 

The Canadian visitor visa processing time ranges from 8 to 40 days. The processing time differs based on the country you live in. A Canadian immigration officer will do a detailed review of all the information and documentation you submitted. The officer will assess them and decide whether to invite you for an interview. You will receive an interview invitation if needed.

There is a possibility that your application will be refused. In this case, you will receive your original documents back. You will receive an explanation of why your application was refused.

If your application is refused, you can re-apply again at any time if your rejection letter did not prevent you from applying again. 

Tip: When you re-apply, add extra information that may help you get a Canada visa approval.

Need Help?

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