Immigrate To Canada from Belgium: Your Guide

The Land of the Maple Leaf will indeed give you breathtaking scenery. However, there are many additional reasons why some people wish to immigrate to Canada from Belgium. This country gives people a solid healthcare system and an education system. In fact, it’s so robust that the global population review rates Canada #3 for its comprehensive education system.

As a result, Belgians are planning their immigration to Canada from Belgium to build a brighter future for themselves and their children, achieve a better work-life balance, pursue their education, or simply take advantage of Canada’s more excellent economic prospects. But how can you move to Canada?

Published on April 15, 2022

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Is Immigration to Canada from Belgium Easy?

Generally speaking, immigration to Canada from Belgium is not a challenging process. Because Canada is open to welcoming newcomers and provides various immigration options, it will be simpler for you to qualify for one of the immigration streams available. Additionally, when Belgians go to Canada, both ex-pats and their citizens are treated equally. Still, you must satisfy the standards for the program you choose to apply for to be considered.

Immigrating to Canada from Belgium may seem like a challenging process, but not impossible!

How to Immigrate to Canada from Belgium?

You should follow five steps to accomplish your move to Canada. 

  1. Check your eligibility 
  2. Find a suitable immigration pathway
  3. Apply for the permit
  4. Prepare for the move
  5. Move to Canada

Check your eligibility first, then choose from the several immigration pathways accordingly. Canada has made immigration to Canada from Belgium much easier through several immigration pathways.

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Pathways to Immigrate to Canada from Belgium

1. Express Entry

Application management for skilled workers seeking to immigrate to Canada from Belgium is handled via the Express Entry online system.

The following are the three immigration programs under Express Entry:

Immigrate to Canada from Belgium
There are plenty of pathway options to choose from for Belgians!

If you have work experience occurred during the three years before the application for the Canadian Experience Class.

To be qualified for this program, you should have a valid employment offer or certificate of competence from your field of expertise.

It can be your pathway if you are a skilled individual with international job experience; who fulfills standards for education and other aspects.

2. Family Sponsorship

You may live, study and work in Canada once you become a permanent resident. It is necessary, however, to successfully immigrate to Canada from Belgium that you are sponsored by a family member who is a resident that is:

  • At least the age of eighteen
  • Canadian citizen
  • Permanent resident of Canada

3. Provincial Nominees

Below are just a few of the basic qualifications to contribute to the economy of a particular province or territory and be eligible for this program.

  • Have the right abilities, education, and job experience 
  • Want to live in that province,
  • Want to become permanent residents of Canada

Every province and territory has its respective immigration schemes that target specific demographics known as streams and criteria for foreign nationals.

4. Start-up Visa

Do you have a new business concept in mind? Your application for immigration to Canada from Belgium might be approved if one of the recognized organizations endorses your idea. Canada’s Start-up Visa Program seeks immigrant entrepreneurs who possess the abilities and potential to create enterprises in Canada that are:

  • Innovative
  • Able to offer work for Canadian citizens
  • Able to operate and compete in the international market

5. Self-employed

The Self-employed Persons Program permits Belgians to come to Canada officially as self-employed individuals. So, if you think that this can be the key to your plan to immigrate to Canada from Belgium, you must:

  • Have participated in world-class cultural or sporting activities
  • Be a self-employed artist or athlete
  • Be able to be self-employed in Canada
  • Fulfill the program’s requirements
  • Meet the requirements for health and safety

6. Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker

If you are a skilled professional seeking to settle in Quebec as a permanent resident, you can go through this application procedure.

Quebec has a specific arrangement on immigration with the Government of Canada. The province has its own guidelines for selecting newcomers who will fit in and contribute positively to the province. Here you must apply to immigrate to Canada from Belgium in the following two stages:

  • Apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) from the Quebec Government.
  • If Quebec picks you, you must apply for permanent residency with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

Before Your Immigration to Canada from Belgium

There are some important reminders that you need to know or research. It will help you prepare and have a less stressful move. 

  1. Research your target city in Canada
  2. Start Packing your things
  3. Check on your insurance coverages
  4. Talk to your bank
  5. Set up absentee voting
  6. Make your electronics applicable to Canada

Indeed, Canada is an ideal destination for you and your family to settle down, given their citizens’ benefits. And once granted Permanent Residency, you and your family may keep it indefinitely as long as you accrue two years of residency every five years. It does not need to be sequential. It would be simple to go back and forth to Belgium frequently. 

If you need further help to immigrate to Canada from Belgium successfully, feel free to reach out to us. You may fill up the consultation form below, and our expert consultants will reach out to you.

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