How to Get Military Jobs in Canada As a Permanent Resident

$ 3100
is the minimum salary of the lowest-ranked military in Canada

Want to cut to the chase? The answer to this article’s question is simply, no. You are not required to join the military in Canada to join the military in Canada, UNLESS the government has determined the country to be in a state of national emergency, such as a war or an invasion, would you be obliged to join the military in Canada.

However, if you want to join the military as a permanent resident you may be eligible for employment under certain circumstances, and here’s how:

Published on January 4, 2024

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💂‍♂️First, you’ll need to apply for Canadian citizenship before joining the military

If you’re really interested in working in the Canadian military force, you’ll need to set your goals higher than just permanent residency.

You can do this by becoming a citizen and living in Canada for 3 consecutive years after being deemed a permanent resident.

Military in Canada
Before joining the military in Canada, your first goal is to become a Canadian citizen!
🎖️ Is it Worth Joining the Canadian Military as an Immigrant?

For immigrants, serving in the Canadian Armed Forces may be beneficial, but it requires a whole commitment from the individual. The benefits the army provides for you and your family are worth it, as well as having a career that is safe and secure.

☑️ Benefits of Joining the Canadian Military

💰 Rewarding Salary

As a new direct entry recruit, you may earn between $35,820 and $62,424 per year while completing basic training.

🎓 Sponsored College Education

By availing the army’s paid education programs, you’ll get at least $20,000 while you finish your degree. In other cases, this may be a lot more and may boost your salary upon graduation day.

🩺 Health Insurance

Throughout your employment, you and your family will be covered for medical and dental care.

🏝 Vacation Leaves

You’ll get 20 days of paid time off a year when you join full-time. In most cases, these events may be planned to fit around existing training and operational needs. Throughout your career, vacation time will rise to a maximum of 30 days.

🤰🏼 Parental and Maternity leave

The Canadian army provides 93% of your usual wage for maternity and paternity leave, so you may spend quality time with your newest family member.

👴🏻 Retirement

The army’s pension plans provide you the security of financial stability. You will be able to collect a generous pension upon retirement.

Want to know the average salary for Military recruits in Canada vs. other countries? Check this out!

Polish people who were successful in their immigration to Canada from Poland through a permanent residence visa have the option of becoming Canadian citizens, which is fantastic for expatriates and doesn’t raise any issues since the country doesn’t object to dual citizenship.

❓ Canadian Military FAQs

Criminal convictions and penalties might prevent someone from joining or rejoining the organization. Poor credit history or financial difficulties might delay or even disqualify an application from the CAF, depending on if there are legal commitments that prohibit them from deploying.

It can range from 1 month to 2 years. A criminal background check might affect your chances of getting accepted, so be sure to thoroughly review your application.

Regular Force service might last anywhere from 3 to 9 years. With a compensated educational program, your tenure will be extended.

The highest position is called The General. 

Pay for basic training is based on your rank in the service. Every new recruits start at an annual wage of around $20,170.80 CAD per year.

Here are the most common jobs in the Canadian Armed Forces:

1. The Canadian Regular Force

2. Working in the Canadian Armed Force with paid education

3. The Canadian Army Reserve Force

Joining the military in Canada is never required, but an option that surely has endless opportunities and benefits for immigrants to take advantage of! If you wish to work in Canada, we’re here to help you through every step of the way!

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