Live in Canada: Romantic Destinations for Foreign Couples

Ah yes, it’s that time of the year again. 

Love is in the air, and cupid has finally come out of hiatus. 

What better way to start the month of February than introducing some of the most romantic destinations for future Canadian immigrants to visit during Valentine’s Day?

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But first, let us brief you with the basics on how to successfully move to and live in Canada with that special someone.

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How to Immigrate to Canada as a Couple

Immigration is a lengthy process.

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies when planning to migrate to a new country with your loved ones, but with the right immigration tools, moving to Canada will less likely be impossible.

There are plenty of ways to move to Canada as a couple, such as choosing suitable programs for partners or them having to join you as your dependent.

One good thing to look forward to is that immigration programs are not limited to only male and female couples. Fortunately, same-sex couples and common-law partners are also eligible.

If marriage is not an option, don’t worry.

Some options will allow couples to immigrate to Canada at the same time.

If you’d learn more about the available programs for you and your partner, continue to read this article.

Sweet couple by the shore
Immigrating to Canada with your partner is challenging but never impossible.

The Best Immigration Programs for Couples

Couples have great options to choose from when it comes to immigration programs, such as:

This program is considered the fastest way to get into Canada as a couple. This only applies to those who have a spouse currently living in Canada or are already married to a Canadian who can sponsor them for permanent residency. 

Spousal Sponsorship Requirements:

  • Regarding spouses, the sponsor and the sponsored person should be legally married, and a certificate of marriage should be submitted from the province they were married in. 
  • For same-sex marriages, Canada can only consider them as legally married if the wedding took place inside Canada. 
  • Common-law partners are required to live consistently for at least one year. 

Express Entry is another excellent way to move to Canada as a couple. The EEP is available for skilled foreigners who wish to reside in Canada permanently.

If you’d like to apply for permanent residency through this program, you have two options

  1. The primary candidate lists their partner as a dependant
  2. They can name their partners as a secondary-applicant

Take note that couples listed as dependants can only apply through the Federal Skilled Worker and Federal Skilled Trades Programs.

Express Entry Requirements for Main and Secondary Applicants: 

  • You and your spouse should reach a successful CRS score between 430 and 460 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Before applying, make sure you have enough funds to pass the financial requirements to sponsor a dependent. One dependent will cost up to $12,960 Canadian dollars.

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Cost of Living in Canada for Couples in 2024

The cost of living in Canada for couples is very much affordable.

Still, this depends on which province you decide to move into. 

You will need to consider the weekly meals, housing expenses, and transportation for two. 

Here we’ve provided you with an idea of the general living expenses one person should need just to live in Canada.

All you’ll need to do is double the amount for two. 

One example would be the city of Toronto. 

Toronto, Ontario

Average Rent: $2,237 Canadian dollars | Meal for 2: $90 Canadian dollars | Transportation: $151.15 Canadian dollars

What’s great about moving to “The Great White North” as a couple is that you can both half the expenses for day-to-day essentials and work together to live in Canada with ease.

In fact, there are plenty of provinces in Canada to choose from where the cost of living is low compared to other countries and cities around the world.

Now that we’ve got your couple’s immigration process covered let’s move on to the best part. 

Living in Canada and experiencing a new country and all it has to offer with the love of your life by your side has got to be the most rewarding feeling you can get in return once you pass through immigration. 

In this article, we’ve provided you with several romantic destinations to discover and look forward to after the move. 

Breathtaking Natural Wonders for a Sweet Escape​

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of Canada’s most visited attractions yet still

manages to defeat all other attractions with its three enormously beautiful waterfalls. 

What’s excellent about Niagara Falls is that it’s free!

So spending time with your partner as you watch the 

sparkling waterfall endlessly can spark up meaningful memories

at absolutely no cost!

Niagara Falls
Moving to Canada has many perks such as visiting some of the world’s most breathtaking natural attractions.

Gwaii Haanas National Park

Located in southernmost Haida Gwai, The Gwaii Haanas 

National Park is a good choice for couples who just want to bask in the beauty of rainforests.

Surrounded by towering trees, lush green grass, wildlife, 

and the ocean, travelers can only access this gem via boat or seaplane. 

Nahanni National Park

If you and your partner love rivers, Nahanni National Park won’t disappoint. 

Located approximately 500 km west of Yellowknife, this 

park is home to one of the most jaw-dropping wild rivers in North America. 

Ontop of wild rivers, you’ll find deep canyons where you 

can easily shout the love you have for each other at the top of your lungs!

Peyto Lake

This glacier-fed lake is located at Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies.

Flourishing with turquoise blue waters and rocky mountains, Peyto Lake is surely a sight to behold. 

It’s best to head over during the summer, where the waters are at their peak color. 


We saved the best for last;

Yellowknife is the city of Canada’s Northwest Territories, where you’ll find the famous northern lights in fall and winter. 

The northern lights are known for its dancing aurora borealis. It’s also deemed as the best place in the world to view these lights. 

Trust us, seeing the aurora borealis in person with your favorite person

will probably be one of the most romantic experiences in your relationship. 

The Best Intimate Restaurants in Canada

Alo, Toronto

If you want to give your partner only the best of the best, whatever occasion,

the Alo is a beautiful French restaurant with a delicious French tasting menu surrounded by a serene view atop a Victorian building. 

Joe Beef, Montreal

Steak and seafood go hand in hand, and at Joe Beef, they take this very seriously. 

Joe Beef is the perfect restaurant for surf and turf lovers. It’s also deemed as one of the best restaurants in the entire country. 

You and your partner will surely enjoy this experience if you both have a love for quality meat and seafood. 

Toqué!, Montreal

Known as the leader of Quebec gastronomy, Toqué! Provides diners with a delectable 7-course menu that comes with or without foie gras.

If that doesn’t shout “luxurious” to you, then we don’t know what does. This place is best chosen for special occasions, such as “popping the question” occasions if you know what we mean. 

Langdon Hall, Cambridge, Ont.

Famous for holding the title of Ontario’s “Five-Diamond Award-Winning Restaurant,” Langdon Hall is not only a restaurant but also a hotel.

You’ll find an extensive list of appetizers, entrées, and desserts with all ingredients taken from the field, farm, forest, and water to create each one of their tasty dishes in the menu.

If you and your partner are looking for fresh and farm to plate meals, this is the place for you. 

St Lawrence Restaurant, Vancouver

French Elegance and intimacy are what you’ll find at St Lawrence Restaurant;

this gorgeous French-Canadian restaurant serves delicious dinners over a candlelit dinner and luxurious interior.

Each meal in the menu gives you a hearty, protein-focused experience, which the Chef calls, Cuisine de Campagne (“cuisine of the countryside”).

We’re sure both you and your partner’s hearts will be full after just one visit.

Canada's Top 5 Most Romantic Accommodations

Fairmont Château Whistler, British Columbia

The golf lovers and couples who generally have a love for greenery, golf, spa, and pools

will enjoy the excellence of Fairmont Château Whistler.

Each quarter is painted in warm and inviting tones, making it the perfect place to cuddle and bask in all day long.

  • Average Cost of 1 Night for 2: $514 Canadian Dollars
Sweet couple in hotel
Canada offers a number of romantic escape options for all couples.

Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland

If we could describe Fogo Island Inn in just four words, it would be Hotel on an Island.

This spectacular accommodation is all of that and more. 

The hotel’s design was created especially for rural retreat seekers and minimalists that enjoy

the history, traditions, and culture of Newfoundland all in one hotel room. 

If you and your couple are looking for simplicity and peace on your next Canadian getaway, this is the place for you. 

  • Average Cost of 1 Night for 2: $1,975 Canadian Dollars (this includes meals, in-room snacks, and free wifi)

Hotel Le St-James, Montreal

This one is for all you history buffs out there.

Located in a historic building that was once a Merchant’s bank,

the fully-restored Hotel Le St-James is the perfect place to relive Canada’s past. 

You can find this amid Old Montreal’s cobblestone alleys. 

  • Average Cost of 1 Night for 2: $330 Canadian Dollars

Hotel Nelligan, Montreal 

If you’re looking for the best view of Old Montreal, this is the place to stay. 

Hotel Nelligan offers sweeping views of the cobblestoned streets, and historical details can be found in each room. 

The building itself was established in the 19th-century and is just

a 5-minute walk to the Basilique Notre-Dame and other local attractions. 

You and your partner can definitely spark the romance just by taking a pleasant romantic stroll around the hotel’s surroundings.

  • Average Cost of 1 Night for 2: $220 Canadian Dollars

Le Germain Hotel, Toronto 

A night in the capital city of Ontario is the perfect experience for you and your partner,

and what better way to end the night in a beautiful chic-boutique hotel like Le Germain Hotel. 

Situated in the center of Toronto, this stunning accommodation

offers polished dark wood furnishings, concrete ceilings, and Venetian blinds. 

The interior will surely set the mood for all kinds of lovers out there. 

Not to mention, they also provide a delicious grilled menu at their restaurant downstairs,

where you can also enjoy a few refreshing cocktails. 

  • Average Cost of 1 Night for 2: $310 Canadian Dollars

As they say, true love stands the test of time, and you and your partner will go through several challenges during this immigration process.

Here at CanadaCIS, as cheesy as it sounds, we want nothing more than to see all couples pass immigration and live in Canada together.

We hope that this article has given you hope and determination to push through with your move and finally experience all the romantic destinations Canada has in store for you and your loved one.

Learn more about life in Canada:

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