Immigration to Canada vs New Zealand: All You Need to Know

It may seem hard to decide between immigrating to Canada and New Zealand. Both of these countries provide immigrant workers with superior possibilities for employment, greater education institutions, and an overall improvement in their quality of life.

But which country is the best fit for YOU and which country is the easiest to immigrate to? Continue to read as we address all of the difficult questions you’ve had about both nations here.

Comparison of the Immigration Benefits of Canada and New Zealand

Canada Immigration

  • Many immigration programs to choose from for any immigration situation
  • Flourishing labour market for foreign workers
  • Inexpensive accommodation 
  • Great for immigrant families who wish to enter the country together
  • Cheaper immigration processing fees
  • Easy permanent residence process
  • High salaries for foreign workers

New Zealand Immigration

  • Excellent academic immigration pathways for international students
  • Better economy for locals and immigrants
  • Orderly immigration process
  • Permanent residence is harder to get
Published on August 28, 2022

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Immigration Benefits of Canada vs New Zealand
There are plenty of differences in terms of immigration in both countries!

Differences Between Life in Canada vs New Zealand


  • The price of a car is much lower.
  • Canada has more reasonable banking interest rates.
  • Canada’s climate may be rather chilly at times.
  • Canada has a well-developed system of protections and benefits for immigrants.
  • Greater tolerance towards newcomers.
  • Plenty breathtaking natural sights and activities.
  • Provides higher salaries for immigrants than other countries.
  • Listed as one of the world’s best immigration destinations.
  • Canada’s university tuition prices are cheaper than in New Zealand, without compensating the nations top quality educational systems.

New Zealand

  • Higher cost of living
  • New Zealand’s population is less diverse than in Canada.
  • The climate in  New Zealand is consistently pleasant.
  • Ideal for those in physically demanding jobs.
  • New Zealanders are less accepting to newcomers than Canada.
  • Lots of water, including lakes, oceans, etc.

Average Cost of Living in Canada vs New Zealand

You’ll be happy to discover that Canada’s average monthly salary is HIGHER than New Zealand’s providing Canadian immigrants with better income benefits! Just check the difference in the chart below. 

Canada vs New Zealand
Foreign workers will enjoy salary benefits in Canada vs New Zealand

Frquently Asked Questions on Immigration to Canada vs New Zealand

According to a recent poll, immigrants regarded New Zealand as the second worst country to settle in. Nearly 12,000 people from 177 different nations and residing in 181 different locations filled out a poll conducted by InterNations, a social network for expatriates.

New Zealand has a more expensive cost of living than Canada. It has been reported that the cost of living in New Zealand is about 7.7 percent more than in Canada.

Canada is most definitely known to be safer than New Zealand in terms of crime and safety!

Prices in New Zealand are 1% more than in Canada.

Why do newcomers choose Canada over New Zealand?

Most foreigners from other countries choose Immigration to Canada over the New Zealand because of its more relaxed immigration policies. Greater flexibility in choosing an immigration route, a discrimination-free online system, quicker processing times, and more are just some of the benefits of immigrating to this country.

In that case, what will it be? Having gained a better understanding of the distinctions between New Zealand and Canadian immigration, you must now have a clearer choice, right? It’s your decision, and we’re here to assist you if you decide to pursue immigration to Canada. Wishing you the best of luck!

Immigration Benefits of Canada vs New Zealand
Immigrants choose Canada over New Zealand for many reasons!

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