Guide to Global Talent Stream (GTS) for Foreign Workers in Canada

What is Canada's Global Talent Stream?

Canada’s Global Talent Stream is a specialized stream within the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), addressing the need for skilled workers in specific fields. It fast-tracks applications to attract global talent and fuel economic growth and innovation. 

The program benefits Canadian employers by filling important roles and offers opportunities for professionals to gain valuable work experience. It provides a pathway to explore permanent residency, making it an attractive option for a fulfilling career in Canada.

Published on August 2, 2023

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How Does the Global Talent Stream Work for Employers?

GTS primarily caters to employers seeking skilled employees on a global scale.Unlike traditional Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs) that take months to process, the GTS expedites hiring procedures, enabling employers to fill labor market needs promptly and stay competitive in the global market. Let’s explore how this streamlined program operates from the perspective of Canadian employers searching for top talent worldwide. 

Under GTS, Canadian employers can access a fast-track application process. This means reduced processing times for work permit applications, enabling employers to swiftly onboard qualified international professionals to fill critical positions.

The GTS prioritizes highly-skilled workers in specialized occupations, particularly those with expertise in fields like engineering and technology. This focus on top talent ensures that employers can attract candidates with the specific skills and knowledge needed to drive innovation and productivity in their organizations.

Employers can collaborate with designated referral organizations (DROs) to identify suitable candidates for their job openings. These organizations play a crucial role in connecting employers with skilled individuals who meet the program’s criteria and requirements.

By accessing global talent through Global Talent Stream, Canadian employers can leverage the diverse skills and experiences of international professionals to boost their businesses’ competitiveness and fuel economic growth. Hiring from a global talent pool expands possibilities for innovation and development in various sectors.

The GTS addresses labor market shortages in critical sectors by facilitating the entry of skilled foreign workers. Employers can fill essential roles with qualified individuals, ensuring continued operational efficiency and advancement in their industries.

For skilled foreign workers hired through the GTS, employers can provide valuable opportunities for professional growth and development. As these workers gain experience in Canada, they may explore potential pathways to permanent residency, fostering a sense of stability and loyalty in the workforce.

Engaging with Global Talent Stream enables Canadian employers to strengthen their global connections. By welcoming international talent, organizations can foster a diverse and inclusive work environment, fostering cross-cultural collaboration and understanding.

Global Talent Stream Eligibility: Canadian Employers' Qualifications

To be eligible for the GTS, Canadian employers must fall into one of two categories:

The GTS applications are usually processed within 10 business days. If successful, employers receive a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) that allows the foreign worker to apply for a work permit, which receives expedited processing, averaging around 10 business days. Note that for employers in Quebec, they should also submit an application to Quebec’s immigration authorities, as Quebec jointly manages immigration applications with the federal government.

How Does the Global Talent Stream Work for Foreign Workers?

As a foreign worker seeking employment opportunities in Canada through the Global Talent Stream, it’s important to understand the application process. Please note that direct application to the Global Talent Stream is not possible; only Canadian employers can apply on behalf of foreign workers they wish to hire.

Employer Application

Canadian employers play a pivotal role in the Global Talent Stream. They are the ones who can apply, listing the foreign worker(s) they intend to hire on the application. To obtain a Global Talent Stream work permit, your primary objective should be to secure a job offer from a qualified Canadian employer.

Categories within the Global Talent Stream

The Global Talent Stream offers two distinct categories for Canadian employers to apply through:

  • Category A: Reserved for employers referred by designated partners of the Global Talent Stream, seeking to hire unique and specialized talent.
  • Category B: Designed for employers hiring for positions listed on the Global Talent Occupations List.
Assessing Eligibility as a Foreign Worker

As a foreign worker, determine if you meet the criteria for “unique and specialized talent” or if your occupation aligns with the Global Talent Occupations List. These qualifications will determine your eligibility for the Global Talent Stream.

Securing a Job Offer

To qualify under the Global Talent Stream, your next step is securing a job offer from a Canadian employer who qualifies for the program. This essential milestone will pave the way for you to explore exciting career opportunities in Canada through the Global Talent Stream.

BONUS! Opportunities in Canada's Thriving Job Market

Canada’s Global Talent Stream provides international professionals with opportunities to work in various high-demand sectors. Some of the thriving industries that frequently hire talent through the Global Talent Stream include:

Industry #1: Technology and IT

Canada’s tech sector is rapidly growing, and there is a high demand for skilled professionals in areas such as software development, cybersecurity, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and digital marketing.

Industry #2: Engineering

The engineering sector in Canada offers opportunities for professionals in fields such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and software engineering. The country’s infrastructure development projects and technological advancements create a demand for skilled engineers.

Industry #3: Healthcare

The Canadian healthcare industry consistently requires qualified healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical laboratory technologists, and healthcare administrators. The aging population and ongoing healthcare advancements contribute to the demand for international talent in this field.

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