Skilled Migration: How to Immigrate to Canada from Germany

I live in Germany, how can I move to Canada?

There are different ways of immigrating to Canada – more than 80 programs to choose from.

Most of our German clients choose Federal Skilled Worker Program (part of Express Entry), that’s why we want to tell you more about it.

With this program, you can  work and live in Canada, with all benefits that come with it: excellent healthcare, quality education and so on. 

Also, it’s a path towards your Canadian citizenship!

Sounds like a dream? Let us show you that it’s a real deal! 

want to find out if you're eligible for immigration to Canada?

Federal Skilled Worker Program...What is it and who can apply?

If you have a profession and some years of work experience behind your back – chances are, this is a program for you! 

It’s part of the Express Entry program – the fastest and easiest way of immigrating to Canada. 

 It works in 4 simple steps: 

  1. Check your eligibility (hire an immigration consultant to do it for you – this way, you’ll be 100% sure your eligibility results are accurate).
  2. Collect the necessary documents (ID, proof of work experience, education certificates, CV and so on).
  3. Submit your application (You’ll get into a pool of candidates for Express Entry and be evaluated comparing to other applicants).
two flags intersectingç flag of Canada and of Germany
Express Entry is the fastest pathway from German to Canadian residency.

Oops... What if my profession is in-demand? 🙁

Don’t worry!

If your profession doesn’t qualify for the Skilled Migration Program, there are other immigration programs you could try.

For example, you can check out Provincial Nominee Programs.

Each province is looking for international workers across different industries.

Chances are – you’ll find a place in Canada where your skills and experiences are very needed!

What about travelling? Do I need a visa to go to Canada?

If you are a German citizen, travelling to Canada is very easy: you only need an ETA.

ETA is an Electronic Travel Authorization that you must request online.

With ETA, you can travel to Canada for up to 180 days per visit.

If you are resident in Germany, but have a citizenship of another country, you should check whether your country is on the list of Visa-exempt countries.

Just curious... are there a lot of Germans in Canada?

Yes! There are more than 3.3 million German Canadians, which is a pretty large community!

Why not join them? 😉

Not sure how to start and where to get more info?

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