Review Before Applying: Top 5 Canada Immigration Mistakes

We know that immigration is a very important step for you and your family, and of course you want to make it as smooth and worry-free as possible.

That’s why we reviewed the experience of many immigrants and collected some tips for you.

When planning your immigration process, either alone or with a consultant, make sure to avoid these most common mistakes:

  1. Wrong program choice
  2. Poor language skills
  3. Incomplete application or invalid documents
  4. Translation errors
  5. Unauthorized immigration agency

1. Wrong program choice

Choosing the Right Program is Your First Immigration Step by Canada CIS
Don't rely on the advice of your friends and family - consult an immigration professional when choosing a program.

If you check immigration reviews online, you might think that the choice of programs is pretty limited.

It might seem that everyone is immigrating through Express Entry, and it’s the only option.

It’s not true – there are over 80 programs to choose from! 

Keep in mind that Express Entry is a system for processing applications, but it’s not an immigration program itself.

For example, Provincial Nominee Program applications can be processed through Express Entry. 

It’s very important to choose the program that suits your personal goals and can give you the maximum chances for being accepted.

Don’t simply choose the most popular program – if it fits many applicants, doesn’t mean that it also fits you. 

The best way is to not choose by other people’s reviews, but to get a professional eligibility assessment to find the best program for you.

It’s an in-depth analysis of your potential for immigration to Canada.

In other words, it’s a report that will answer two most important questions:

  1. Can you immigrate to Canada? 

  2. How should you do it?

From this assessment, you will find out if you fit the basic requirements for legal immigration and get suggestions on the best immigration program(s) for you. 

We always emphasize that professional eligibility assessment is a MUST for successful immigration.

You can get it done by an authorized RCIC (regulated Canadian immigration consultant).

RCICs are working individually, in law firms or immigration agencies.

For example, CanadaCIS collaborates with independent RCICs and facilitates the communication between applicants and consultants.

It might be difficult to contact a Canada-based consultant, while you are abroad. 

That’s why immigration agencies are so helpful – they will do all the communication for you and deliver you the eligibility results.

Here at CanadaCIS, we strive for the fastest service possible. 

Our RCICs will provide you with eligibility results in just 2-3 business days.

For faster results, you can choose the Express Eligibility Assessment option and get your report within 24 hours.

If you choose the program on your own without even confirming your eligibility, it’s a big risk.

First of all, you risk to waste time on a program that might not be suitable for you. 

If the application is not successful, you’ll have to choose another program and start over again. 

In the worse case scenario, you might not even be eligible for immigration, and have no idea about it.

For example, if you ever had a criminal record, you cannot immigrate to Canada.

You might waste money and time, trying to immigrate, and get a refusal at the end.

To avoid such a waste, check your eligibility at the very beginning.

2. Poor language skills

Prepare Well and Do Your Best on the Language Exam
High exam score can greatly boost your chances for successful immigration.

Language skills are very important for your immigration!

A high score in TEF or IELTS exam will greatly boost your chances for immigration.

This also means that poor language skills can bring you down and even lead to a refusal of your application.

Some applicants don’t take it seriously enough and hope to succeed even without appropriate language skills.

It’s a serious mistake. 

We highly recommend you to invest time in improving your language skills and preparing for the exam very carefully.

There are plenty opportunities to learn the language without even leaving your house.

Since we launched the IELTS preparation course at CanadaCIS, we’ve seen a lot of positive reviews from our clients: they love how convenient it is. 

If you prefer offline courses or private tutoring, those are great options too. 

Check out different courses, choose the most convenient one and focus on the final result: getting the highest exam score possible.

3. Incomplete application or invalid documents

Pay Attention to Details, When Preparing Your Application for Canada by Canada CIS
Sometimes, little mistakes can cut you off from your immigration dream.

You should pay a great attention to the requirements of your immigration program and provide ALL necessary documents. 

Your application cannot go through if:

❌ Not all documents are provided

❌ Documents are expired

❌ Documents are provided in poor quality (not clear, difficult to read)

❌ Documents are fake (this is clearly a very serious issue – don’t even try it)

Even if you are a strong candidate with great work experience, quality education and excellent language skills, your immigration plans might still get ruined because of invalid documents. 

It’s very upsetting to realize that a little mistake in the application can cause you so many difficulties.

That’s why it’s very important to double-check your application before submission.

The best way to do it is to have a professional consultant review your application and confirm the validity of all documents.

4. Translation errors

Official Document Translation is Very Important by Canada CIS
Don't trust your document translation to friends/teachers/children, even if they know the language very well.

Another disappointing situation could happen with official translations. 

Even if you have valid and relevant documents in other languages, besides English or French, you need to make sure that your translations are valid too.

The Canadian government has specific requirements on what documents must be translated and which translations are acceptable. 

They must be done by an authorized translator or translating agency.

Don’t try to save money by asking your friends/teachers/children to translate your documents.

Even if they speak excellent English or French, unprofessional translations will not be accepted.

5. Unauthorized immigration agency

Choose Licensed Regulated Consultants by Canada CIS
Be careful when choosing an immigration agency - look for registered RCICs

Hiring an immigration agency could help you avoid most of the issues mentioned above.

Immigration consultants can help you choose the right program, guide you in the application process, make sure you submit valid documents and support you in other aspects.

However, it’s very important to trust your immigration to registered and authorized consultants.

Unfortunately, there are many untruthful people willing to take advantage of aspiring immigrants. 

Remember: only licensed registered consultants can provide immigration services.

To avoid getting in trouble with unauthorized agencies, pay attention to the following:

Every immigration consultant has to register with the Canadian government and get a unique license number.

Once you find an RCIC license number, you can go to the ICCRC website and check if the consultant is registered there.

Here in Canada, there is a strict control over the quality of immigration services. Also, we are more updated about all immigration news and policy changes and better know the immigration field.

Good immigration consultants are highly qualified professionals, and their services have a cost.

If you find free or very cheap immigration services, be careful – it’s not likely to be a quality service.

Don’t worry about spending money on immigration assistance – this investment will pay off in the future, when you successfully move to Canada.

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