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Living in one of the most developed countries is often enticing. After all, there are more job opportunities and you have the chance to make it in life. More so, just being in such a county is a success to some.

But the immigration process is not an easy one, and there are many aspiring immigrants who have been scammed and ended up losing money.

Here we are determined to help you achieve you goal of going to Canada and we will show you how to do it.

Just keep reading.

Published on September 19, 2023

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🍁 Why is Canada allowing immigrants?

There are reports stating that from 2023, Canada will allow over a million immigrants to enter the country.

Statistics show that Canada has an aging population which means that they need a workforce that can steer the economy forward. An aging population is often less productive and to some extent can be a burden to the society.

In order to avoid the trajectory that was followed by Japan in the 1990s Canada has adopted an immigration policy where people around the world are allowed into the country for various reasons. This explains why you have a chance of visiting this wonderful country and moving to live here.

🔞 Is there an age limit?

Searching for a car would be the next part of your journey. But before you even get to that part, you’ll need to jot down some key notes before making a final decision, such as:

For Travelling

For travelling, there is no age limit. Anyone can go to Canada as long as they follow the due process and have all their documents verified before they travel.  

For Immigration (People Ages 25-35)

When it comes to immigration, people who have a bonus and are more likely to be accepted into the country are those between the ages of 25 to 35. 

This is a youthful age. This are people who will contribute productively to the economy.  

For Immigration (People Ages 35+)

For people older than 35, the chances are actually slim. An older person can easily subset the above requirement if they have a substantial years of experience, high level of education, connections to Canada, and a high level of English proficiency. 

NOTE: The requirement of the age is dependent on the pathway that you are using to get into the country. 

🛫 How many pathways are there to get to Canada?

The thing that you will certainly love is that there are more pathways that you can use to get here. Overall, the immigration process might be complicated and differ according to the pathway that you are using. There are over 80 immigration programs, each with specific requirements.

For example, there are different ways to immigrate for work purposes: temporary work permit, short-term working holiday, business immigration programs, start up visa etc. 

Each Canadian province and territory, besides Quebec, operates its own provincial nominee program and supports fast processing of applications through Express Entry system. However, Quebec has its own system of processing applications and also grants permanent residency to skilled workers.

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🌎 Canada immigration: What is the easiest way?

As we have previously, mentioned, there are so many pathways, but the one that is the most common is the Express Entry. People around the world use this pathway to get PR status in Canada, and you too can use it. 

If you get a job in Canada, it will increase your chances for being selected. Under this entry method, only skilled workers are allowed. The provinces in Canada use it too, to process applications for Provincial Nominee Programs.

📜 Do Serbians need a visa for Canada?

The answer to this is an unequivocal yes. You need a visa to get to Canada. Without it you cannot be guaranteed of entry.

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Ensure that you get a visa first. There are so many agencies that will help you with a visa.  Contact the Canadian embassy to get the visa.  As a Serbian, you will need a tourist visa. It does not mater whether you are going to stay there for a long time or a short time. A visa is a necessity. 
💰 How much does the immigration process cost?

If you are seriously planning on immigrating to Canada, then you have to have a lot of
savings as the process itself is quite costly.  Think of it in this way: you have to apply for a visa, pay for transport fees, and sometimes you need funds to settle or start a business in the new location.  

Generally, the cost of moving to a new place is always higher but in the end it’s always worth it. You are looking for a new life which has new opportunities to explore. 

Again, the amount of money that you might need is largely dependent on the travel options that you are going to use. There are much cheaper methods such as the express entry method. 

💼 Do I need a job offer?​

Not in all cases you need a job offer to immigrate to Canada. There are a lot of people who immigrate for other reasons besides work. There are other things that you can do in our beautiful country. You could further your education, reunite with family or simply travel.  

Take note that most of the immigration pathways require you to have a job offer before applying. In any case, having a job offer is a bonus point that increases your chances of immigrating.

Job bank of Canada has many job offers for foreigners, including Serbians. Work in Canada, no matter long-term or short-term, is a great opportunity to improve your professional skills, enrich your experience and earn money.

📑 What immigration requirements do I need to satisfy?

The documents that an individual might need really depends on the pathway that you are using. There are those that will require Canadian experience while there are those that might not require that.  

Documents that are required can include identification documents, travel documents, educational records, financial records, and proof of work experience. But in the first place, we would recommend selection an option that suits you before availing of the documents.  

Let’s look at some few requirement in some of the most common Canada immigration options.

man on a laptop seen from the back
Launch your business in Canada or invest in one of our many growing enterprises.
young man with glasses sitting on a couch using a laptop
Working in Canada is a great way to boost your career. There are many opportunities for skilled workers.
smiling mother holding son at the beach
If you have close relatives in Canada, they can sponsor you and help you become Canadian residents as well.
🛠️ Is it possible to work anywhere in Canada?

Well, this will only be possible if the individual has acquired permanent residency.  Who is referred to as a Canadian permanent resident? 

This is a foreigner who has been allowed to live here as a permanent resident. Permanent residency status gives the individual the right to live and work in any Canadian province, unless specified otherwise:

He or she is eligible for certain individual right such as access to healthcare, study in the country, and protection under the Canadian law.

Also, after having the permanent residency status for a certain period of time the individual can apply for the Canadian citizenship.

On pitfall with the Canadian permanent residency is the inability of the individual to vote in the general elections.

A citizen on the other hands has more privileges than a permanent resident. One of them being the right to vote. A person can become a citizen by birth or a naturalized citizen, while a foreigner follows all the due process to become a citizen. 

▶️ How to apply for a Canadian immigrant visa?

Generally, all application are done online and they involve the following steps:

We will check whether you are eligible for application i.e. they check whether you meet the minimal requirements.

We will check which of the vast number of programs you are more suitable for and in which provinces there are more opportunities for you.

Together, we will collect all necessary documents and information about you and verify its quality.

Finally, our RCIC (regulated Canadian immigration consultant) will submit everything to the government and wait for your application results.

Generally, moving to a new country can be hard and will require you to get acquainted with all that is needed so that you can streamline the process.

In this article we have strived to provide you with all that is needed. Make sure you have read and understood these tips before planning to immigrate to Canada.

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