Immigration to Canada for Foreign Mothers

Immigrating to Canada as a mother can seem like an intimidating process. 

However, it’s hard not to want to move to Canada. 

Mothers love Canada for the endless benefits it offers to their children in terms of

quality education, career opportunities, and overall quality of life. 

Canadian immigrant mothers have agreed that the process seems to be daunting at first,

but once they surpass the fear, it becomes more exciting than scary. 

Want to know if Canada is the right country for you and what steps you’ll need to take to immigrate? 

Continue to read this article for more information!

Table of Contents

How to Move to Canada for Foreign Mothers

Canada has been deemed a dream destination to live in for most immigrants and especially foreign mothers.

If you plan to move to Canada before your spouse and children, you’ll need to know these essential instructions for immigrating to Canada on your own.

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We know how busy mothers are. From juggling work, kids, and marriage, finding the time to start their immigration to Canada may take them months or even years. 

For a more effortless and faster way to immigration, it’s best to hire a consultancy such as CanadaCIS to help walk you through the process from start to finish. 

Once you’ve spoken to an immigration consultant, they’ll gather all your basic information to check which programs you’d be eligible to apply for.

You’ll then be required to gather essential documents such as police clearance, birth certificate, marriage certificate, educational records, etc., for your chosen immigration program.

Your immigration consultancy will help send these documents along with your application form on your behalf. 

This gives you less time working on your requirements and more time on other vital parts of your immigration.

The next step would be to submit your application.

You can submit it yourself or have your immigration consultant submit it on your behalf.

Once all requirements and tests have been submitted, all that is left is to wait for your PR invitation before booking your one-way ticket to “The Great White North”

Immigration Programs Canada in 2021

There are several immigration programs mothers can choose from.

Some of these immigration programs are (but not limited to):

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Known as one of Canada’s most popular immigration pathways, mothers can choose Express Entry if they are looking for the fastest way to becoming a permanent resident in Canada.

A maximum score of 1200 would be needed. 

Tip: You and your spouse can combine your scores to improve your chances of being accepted into Canada through this program.

Mothers may choose this program if they have a relative or family member residing in Canada as a citizen or permanent resident. 

You may also choose this program to sponsor your children and spouse if you decide to immigrate to Canada first.

For mothers who have a specific Canadian province in mind, this would be the best option for you.

This program allows you to apply for your chosen province as long as you meet the minimum requirements of the specific province you decide to immigrate to.

Canadian mother holding baby infront of laptop
The most popular immigration programs for mothers in 2021 are express entry, family sponsorship, and PNP.

Benefits for Immigrant Mothers Who Live in Canada

Why do Immigrant Mothers make Canada their first choice? 

It’s due to the generous benefits the country offers to current and expectant mothers!

Some benefits include:

Canada Child Benefits

Administered by the Canada Revenue Agency, this tax-free monthly payment is provided to families to help with the costs of raising their children until they hit the age of 18 years old. 

  • Children under 6 years of age will receive $563.75 per month ($6,765 per year) 
  • Children 6 years to 18 years of age will receive $475.66 per month ($5,708 per year)

Maternity and parental leave

New mothers are given 52 weeks of maternity leave per year.

As for fathers, paternity leave is paid up to a maximum of 32 weeks per year.

Free Healthcare

As long as you pay your taxes, Canada’s healthcare system is available to all, including mother’s for free!

Free Education for Dependents

Children of Canadian permanent residents and citizens are eligible to receive free education up to the age of 18 in the Canadian public school system. 

Safe and Peaceful Country

Canada continues to rank in the top 10 safest countries globally, as reported by Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, you can.

Although do take note, they can only move to Canada through sponsorship or at the same time as you do. 

The same rules apply to your children as they do with any other visitor.

If you become inadmissible to Canada, you will not be given the right to enter unless you bring the proper paperwork. 

You will need to provide a “reason” to travel to Canada that justifies your circumstances. If so, you’ll then be issued a temporary resident permit (TPR).

There are several reasons why you’d be inadmissible to Canada, such as

theft, unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a controlled substance, assault of any kind, resisting arrest, and reckless driving.


The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program is the easiest province to get permanent residency in Canada due to the province’s easy rules, quick application/immigration process, and a high rate of Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Starting Your Family Immigration to Canada

Moving to Canada with your loved ones can be pretty exciting,

and there’s nothing else better than going through this life-changing experience together! 

But before you get too overly excited and book your tickets instantly once you receive your invitation to immigrate to Canada,

you’ll have to think about a few things and take them into consideration before bringing your entire family to Canada. 

To feel less overwhelmed before your big move, you’ll need to take note of some fundamental matters to prepare in advance before your move.

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Immigrant mother holding her two children
Start this life-changing experience with your family by your side!

Easy Steps to Moving to Canada with Family

Some easy steps you’ll need to take to move to Canada with family are:


Step 1: Check your eligibility to move to Canada with one of our top-rated immigration experts.

Step 2: Choose the best immigration program suitable for you and your family with the help of CanadaCIS. 

Step 3: Pay all applicable fees in full. 

Immigration prices and fees are typically based on the number of dependents.

Here’s a list with the exact prices for each family size.

  • 2 person family: $16,135
  • 3 person family: $19,836
  • 4 person family: $24,083
  • 5 person family: $27,315
  • 6 person family: $30,806
  • 7 person family: $34,299

Disclaimer: The prices shown above include flights, housing, immigration fees, and proof of funds. 

Step 4: Wait for your PR invitation to arrive from your chosen immigration program.

Step 5: Gather all required documents before moving, such as your immigrant visa, confirmation of permanent residence for each family member, valid passports, and other important documents.

The Safest Provinces in Canada for Families

Some of the safest provinces for you to consider bringing your children and spouse to are:


City: Ottawa

Advantage: Best Education

Average Monthly Daycare Fees: $1,003

% of Families With Children: 28%

Unemployment Rate: 5.1%

Median household income: $114,275

Median Household monthly costs: $4,010

Average Cost of Housing: $510,363


City: Guelph

Advantage: Highest Employment Rate

Median Monthly Daycare Fees: $993

% of Families With Children: 16%

Unemployment Rate: 2.3%

Median household income: $70,880

Median household monthly costs: $3,873.64

Average Cost of Housing: $535,778



City: Calgary, Alberta

Advantage: Highest Household Income

Median Monthly Daycare Fees: $922.82

% of Families With Kids: 27%

Unemployment Rate: 8.0%

Median household income: $132,568

Median household monthly costs: $3,955

Average Cost of Housing: $563,463



City: Brandon

Advantage: Affordable Housing

Average Monthly Daycare Fees: $738.48

% of Families With Kids: 27%

Unemployment Rate: 4.9%

Median household income: $90,226

Median household monthly costs: $4,580

Average Cost of Housing: $349,576

mother and daughter in a Canadian province
Some of the safest provinces for you to consider moving your family to are Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba.

Healthcare Services in Canada

Another reason why foreign mothers choose to immigrate to Canada is because of Canada’s free Medicare.

Although healthcare is free, you should take note that Canada’s Medicare doesn’t cover everything.

Canada’s healthcare is known to be one of the best in the world, but before moving, you’ll need to know which healthcare services are available for free:

Canada's Medicare Covers:

  • Emergency care
  • Primary and secondary care (this includes any medical assistance required to help diagnose and treat any injuries or illnesses)
  • Maternity services
  • Prenatal Care
  • Postnatal Care
  • Direct bills; the bills go to the government.

Canada's Medicare/Provincial Healthcare Does Not Cover:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Ambulance services (except in Yukon)
  • Dental care, Eyecare, and Hearing aids
  • Physiotherapy and Limb prostheses
  • Psychologist and Chiropractic Care
  • Tests required for official documents (e.g., driver’s license)

Why Should Mother's Choose to Live in Canada?

There are so many reasons why mothers choose to live in Canada, but if we’d list them all, this article would never have an ending!

To make things short and simple, we’ve listed the most notable reasons below and why they are the most important for Canadian immigrant mothers.

🚨 Low Crime-Rates

Canada is known for its low crime rates, making it one of the best countries to raise your family in.

🎓 Quality Education

Canada has one of the highest education systems in the world.

It has ranked consistently in the top 10 list for years due to Canada’s top-tier educators are highly trained and bring exceptionally diverse aspects to the classroom.

💼 Endless Job Opportunities

There’s always a need for new hires in Canada, no matter what industry.

Generally, Canada has always been low in the labour market, and immigrant workers help fill these gaps.

Not only will you get the chance to find the “working mom” job of your dreams, but you’re also

providing your children a handful of job opportunities to choose from once they graduate college.

🤝 Multicultural and Diverse

Canada will always be immigrant-friendly.

With so much diversity, it’s hard not to adjust to Canadian life almost instantly!

Bringing your family into Canada not only exposes them to such a diverse country, but it’s

also a place where they can adjust to their environment safely and peacefully without having to worry about feeling uninvited by their surroundings.

Mother with two children in Canada
One of the main reasons why mother's choose to immigrate to Canada is due to the quality of life!

Ultimately, choosing to immigrate to Canada as an immigrant mother is probably the wisest decision you can make for yourself and your family!

Whether you’re an expectant mother, newborn mother, a mother of teens, or even an adoptive

mother, we all know that the second you laid your eyes on your child, you knew that right there and then you’d want nothing more than to give them a bright and better future.

And by immigrating to Canada, you can give yourself and your children the life you both so genuinely deserve.

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