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Canada Citizenship Immigration Services provides  full support of specialists who will work tirelessly to provide a complete end-to-end service, covering all bases necessary to successfully navigate through the immigration process.

We ensure that we can offer the best possible support through our most valuable asset: our professional immigration consultants – each carefully selected for their unique skills and expertise – to help us achieve our mission of helping as many people as possible successfully immigrate to Canada.

Leading the team is the most important member – your senior legal representative – a licensed and registered Immigration Lawyer. 

Changing the world for

Each and every case is serviced by a team of experts, constructed from our various departments, who are ready to offer their qualified knowledge skills to your application.

Your personal consultant will manage your case through every step of the process and will provide a comprehensive service partnership to clients with the support of experts including:

Your personal consultant will provide valuable information with the guidance of the immigration lawyer who leads your team. 

Your personal consultant will assist in locating suitable accommodation for you and your family.

Your personal consultant will help you adjust your CV to the Canadian standard, provide job interview training, and much more.

Your personal consultant can provide access to online language classes created to help you pass the IELTS/TEF exam.


I dreamed of moving to Canada for many years, but it was tricky and too expensive. When my cousin moved to Canada with this service, I knew I had to start moving on my dream. I got a call from Jenna and she was so helpful. I feel like every time Jenna calls me it’s good news. So happy I decided to follow my dream!

Alexandr Bolos

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