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Resume composition - a valuable tool.

Stand out with Canadian employers.

Whether applying for a PR or a temporary work permit, your resume is one of the most important parts of your application. It is the story of your entire life in one page, and our research shows over 65% of candidates compose this story incorrectly. 

An incorrectly composed resume is the main reason employers ignore a job application. It can also give immigration officials who handle your application reason to doubt your ability to assimilate in Canadian society. 

The most common mistakes candidates make in their resumes are:

  1. Writing at length. A resume must be 1 page-long, or at most 2 pages-long, but only if all the information is entirely relevant and necessary. 
  2. Spelling errors. In this age of free spell -checkers which are widely available, employers frown upon misspelled words and poor grammar. 
  3. Missing information. It’s often just simple human error, but many people don’t double check or proof-read their own resume. More often than not, this leads to some missing information, such as their age, address, or email address. 

The resume – though short and simple – represents you as an immigration candidate and a job candidate: your writing skills, your work skills, your respect of Canada and its standards. 

Do not worry! Our professionals will be able to compose the perfect CV for your specific needs. This will be the CV to impress both immigration officials and potential employers. 

Visa Application

Improve and enhance your chances of approval by making the best impression on immigration officials. Demonstrate abilities and respect of Canadian values and standards by having a professionally composed resume. 

Job Application

Impress every employer with a proper resume which highlights your benefits and your potential. Don’t lose your opportunity to get your dream job by sending in a poorly-composed document. Let our professionals help you.

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