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TrustPilot Review by Canada CIS

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Office Work in Canada

Plenty of Employment Opportunities

Canada is proud of the constantly rising number of job openings across all industries. The current employment rate is at over 96%, which means many jobs are left vacant and businesses are in need of more workers. Skilled workers from all over the world are welcome to build their professional path in Canada.

Growth: Life in Canada

Fast-growing Flourishing Economy

Immigration is one of the main reasons Canada’s Economy is at a constant rise. Recent research shows great contributions to Canada’s economy made solely by immigrants.  Businesses owned by immigrants succeed and grow 20% faster than businesses owned by people who were born in Canada. New Canadians know about Canada’s growing economy, and they are already enjoying the benefits of it.

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Welcoming Immigration Policies

Having over 80 immigration programs, Canada is famous for being a very loyal and open country. It welcomes immigrants with open arms and supports their integration in the Canadian society. There is no better place to live in the world, and no better time to move there.

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