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A little bit about Canada Immigration Servcies

Experienced Consultants​

Hand-selected staff with a merit-based management system has resulted in the establishment of a top level team of experts who can help you with your study permit as well as the visa you will require to live in Canada during your studies. 

Proprietary Network

Our unique online network developed in-house by our development team is a masterpiece of profile management and communication. It enables our clients to both manage their application from anywhere in the world and contact our agents at any time.

Language Courses

Canadian colleges and universities require potential students to pass a language exam before admission. Our special English and French courses were created with one purpose: to help our clients reach the highest possible score on their exams. And the best thing is: they’re online, so our clients are free to take the course at any time from anywhere.

Adjustment Services

We know students need to focus on their studies. Looking for a place to live, getting all your bureaucratic affairs in order – these are unwanted distractions. This is where our professionals come in. We make sure you can move to your new place in Canada and start your studies with the peace of mind you need in order to excel. 

Canadian universities and colleges are among the best in the world.

Millions of young people apply for a study permit in Canada annually, and for good reason. Canadian institutions of higher education are ranked among the top in the world. 

But it’s not just the quality of the schools or the quality of life in Canada that appeals to so many people. Did you know that people who graduate from Canadian schools and wish to move to Canada permanently – or open a business in Canada – have many more immigration and work options open to them?

Canada is the best place to live while you study. 

We mentioned the high quality of Canadian schools. But there is more to love about Canada. With an environmentally conscious government, Canada has wide expanses of untouched nature. It is technological and innovative and free.

Canada has an advanced health system. An enlightened, diverse and inclusive society. A progressive welfare system. A mountain of opportunities to grow and succeed as a business owner or as an employee.  

Canada is the BEST place to live, study and work. 

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Getting your study permit and your Canada visa can be a serious hassle. Don’t give up on your dream of studying in Canada.
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You are already in our system. Please wait for us to contact you or apply again in 1 hour. For urgent cases mail to