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New Brunswick is a heavily forested province on the Atlantic Coast of Canada, with over 80% of the land covered with woodland inhabited by moose, bears and other wildlife.

Most foreign nationals who have moved to New Brunswick find that they are quickly welcomed into the province’s friendly communities. Southern New Brunswick is home to the province’s English-speaking communities. While French-speaking communities – who make up one-third of the population – take up the northern part of New Brunswick. It is the only officially bilingual province of Canada.

New Brunswick is one of Canada’s smallest provinces, it is about the same size as Ireland, Scotland or the Czech Republic. With only about 750,000 residents, there is plenty of space to make yourself a home where you can enjoy the great outdoors.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program targets qualified candidates who meet specific economic and labor market needs in the province, with the aim of growing the province’s population and economy.

Candidates can qualify through one of four categories: 

Express Entry Labor Market

  1. Meet all eligibility criteria and selection factors for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (obtaining at least 67 points out of 100).
  2. Be aged between 21 and 55.
  3. Score Canadian Language Benchmark 7 for English or French in reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  4. Have minimum secondary school education either obtained in Canada, or assessed by a designated body if obtained outside Canada.
  5. Have at least one year work experience in National Occupational Classification (NOC) 0, A or B.
  6. Sign a commitment to live and work in New Brunswick.
  7. Provide proof of minimum funds required by the federal government to establish successfully in New Brunswick.
  8. Where an application is backed by a job offer, the New Brunswick company must have been operating for at least one year at the time the application is received.

Skilled Worker with Employer Support

The New Brunswick Skilled Worker with Employer Support stream is aimed at candidates who have secured a permanent full-time job offer from a New Brunswick employer.

  1. Be aged between 22 and 55.
  2. Sufficient English and/or French language proficiency to fulfill your duties, assessed via IELTS or CELPIP-General, and/or TEF. Applicants NOC skilled levels C and D must achieve Canadian Language Benchmark 4 in listening, speaking, reading and writing prior to nomination.
  3. The education level, qualifications and, or licenses needed to fulfill your job duties, with the minimum being high school diploma.
  4. Intend to live and work in New Brunswick. 
  5. Genuine, permanent, full-time offer of employment from a New Brunswick company operating for at least one year. The employer must demonstrate he/she has been unable to find a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the position and provide a comparable industry rate of pay. 
    Position must be one of:
    • Skill levels O, A, B 
    • Skill level C, Skill type 1, 3, 7, 8, 9
    • Skill level D, Skill type 1, 3, 7, 8, 9
Selection Factors

A candidates applying with this stream is obligated to reach a minimum score of 50 points based on these selection factors:

  1. Age
  2. Language proficiency
  3. Education level
  4. Adaptability (a candidate gets more points for having family in the province, having been educated in the province, having worked in the province, etc). 
  5. Work experience


The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program Entrepreneurial Stream is aimed at professionals ready to invest in a business in the province and move there with their families.

  1. Have an eligible connection to New Brunswick.
  2. Be aged between 22 and 55.
  3. Minimum two years post-secondary education degree or diploma.
  4. A minimum score of 5 on the Canadian Language Benchmark exam for speaking, listening, reading and writing in English or French.
  5. Legally-acquired personal net worth of at least $600,000, of which $300,000 must be unencumbered.
  6. Invest at least $250,000 in a New Brunswick business, taking ownership of at least 33 per cent.
  7. Sign a Business Performance Agreement with the New Brunswick provincial government and pay a deposit of $100,000.
  8. Business must create significant economic benefit to New Brunswick.
  9. Demonstrate business experience – either three years of ownership or five years of senior management experience in the last five years.
  10. Submit a business concept of 1,000 to 1,500 words.
  11. Conduct an exploratory visit to New Brunswick, or participate in an information session offered by the New Brunswick provincial government.
  12. Intend to live permanently in New Brunswick.

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Post Graduate Entrepreneurial

The New Brunswick Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream targets international graduates from recognized New Brunswick universities or community colleges.

Candidates must have started or acquired a New Brunswick business and operated it for at least one year, while holding a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

  1. Be aged between 22 and 40.
  2. Score at least level 7 on the Canadian Language Benchmark for speaking, listening, reading and writing in English or French.
  3. Have completed at least two years full time post-secondary education at a recognized New Brunswick university or community college.
  4. Have lived in New Brunswick for the duration of the course (distance-learning courses do not qualify).
  5. Have 100 per cent owned and operated a business for one full year.
  6. Have a valid Post-Graduation Work Permit.
  7. Intend to live permanently in New Brunswick.

Canada Citizenship Immigration Services provides first class service for business immigration.

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